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Every Penny Counts

Years ago, a priest friend of mine, Fr. Edward P. Connors (RIP, October 25, 2000) would send his fellow priests a newsletter and sign these notes with his initials EPC and then add the words, “Every Penny Counts”. He inspired me to collect my pennies and save them for a useful cause.

One of those causes was a Catholic Parish School in Oak Lawn – St. Germaine, at the time run by Sister Suzanne, the principal. She had encouraged her students to bring their loose pennies in at the end of each week to help sponsor a school in Port Au Prince, Haiti.   During the school year the students raised over $1,000 for their adopted school. With that money the school was able to pay the salary of a teacher for a year and provide one meal a day for ten children!

Jesus says, whoever gives a cup of cold water to one of His little ones in His Name will surely have a reward. Our saving of pennies and spare change can grow into a definite way to help needy children. As we put our pennies aside at the end of each day, we will build up an attitude of mind of thinking and helping others.

Through the use of our pennies and spare change, others will receive that provide that cup of milk, that bowl of cereal to the hungry children in Jesus’ Name. What to do with our pennies? Cash them in and send that amount to a charity or school of your choice. The needs are endless. Just a little research and you will find a local pantry in your neighborhood, and a charity in a third world nation.

Remember the motto, Every Penny Counts. As we fall off to sleep at night, many children will gather around our bed to give thanks for our thoughtfulness and pray for our peace of heart.

Fr. George McKenna

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