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The Right Stuff

The birthplace of Mary Magdalene, Magdala, Holy Land, on the Shores of the Sea of Galilee. Photo between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900 courtesy of the Library of Congress, via Wikipedia.

I heard a story years ago that has never left my memory. One summer day, in the late 1960’s, I was standing on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in the Holy Land. Nearby a minister was talking to his people, a group of Holy Land pilgrims. Listening in the shade of the trees, I heard him tell this story.

“A little boy asked his father: ‘What makes lightening bugs light up at night?’ The father had no answer for this difficult question. The next day, the boy came back to his father and said, ‘I know what makes the lightening bug light up at night. It’s the stuff inside it that makes the light shine out at night.’ A simple answer to a complicated question.” The minister went on to say, “It’s the ‘stuff’ inside us that will make us shining lights in the world.”

What’s “the stuff” inside of us? Think of it as our ideals for living. How loving are we? How strong is our prayer life? How generous are we, how unselfish? How determined are we to live out the 10 Commandments in our daily lives?

Perhaps you recall the 1983 film, The Right Stuff. The movie tells of the qualities of mind, heart and body required of Air Force pilots in their quest to be astronauts. These special gifts made up “the right stuff” and enabled them to succeed in their dangerous career. Our “career” as followers of Jesus of Nazareth can be difficult at times, and for some dangerous as well.

I want to bring into my life the qualities that Jesus showed in His life’s adventures: love for His Father, concern for others, respect for His Mother Mary, His spirit of prayer in lonely places, and His courage in suffering. Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world.” Certainly He had the “right stuff.”

If I hold resentments in my life, it is like I have cornered off a piece of my heart and soul as a place of darkness, with a spirit of hatred, revenge and ill-will dwelling there. My light will not shine as brightly as it should. Selfishness, a heart set upon the illicit pleasures of life, does not make up the “right stuff.”

This weekend we turn back our clocks. The darkness of the winter months is now upon us. I want my light to shine out into the world about me, so that its brightness will roll back the darkness of evil.

Fr. George McKenna

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The Rosary Month

The Vision of St. Dominic by Bernardo Cavallino
Via Wikipedia

For centuries we have dedicated the whole month of October to praying the Rosary. In the mysteries of the Rosary we have a short, quick review of the Life of Jesus and His Mother. For a few moments, the happenings in their lives flow through our minds in the form of blessings and consolations. Our love for the Lord and His Mother reaches out and touches all aspects of our lives.

Outside of the Sacraments and Holy Mass, we will find the Rosary the best possible help to holiness of life. Carry the Rosary always on our persons so that in various situations of the day, we can place “the beads” in our hands for a quick lifting of our minds and hearts to Our Heavenly Mother.

With the founding of Midway Airport Chapel, one of our Apostolates consisted in offering free Rosaries to all who came to worship. We encouraged everyone entering our Chapel to take as many Rosaries as they wish and to give them to their families and friends. In this way, many thousands of beads have gone to all parts of our country. Rosaries do not have to be elaborate; ours were simply made of plastic and thin rope. But the power of the prayers said on those beads can be live changing.

Some people will say that the continuous saying of the Hail Marys causes distraction and fatigue. To deal with this, one could say a single decade at different times throughout the day. There is no obligation of praying the Rosary through all five decades at one prayer session.

Many times I will spread out the saying of “the beads” to different hours of the day. In this way I can give more attention to each Hail Mary, and mediate on the events of each decade. Using this process I sanctify many hours of each day.

This is the last weekend of October. Use these last few days to become familiar with your Rosary, I am sure there is one in a drawer or box somewhere, if not in your pocket! Then carry this powerful prayer with you each and every day.

Fr. George McKenna

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