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Two Travelers Along The Road

Mary and Joseph Seeking Refuge by Simon DeVos
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Two people are traveling along a lonely country road. Mary and Joseph make their way to Bethlehem to register for the census.  Mary rides a donkey; Joseph guides the little animal over the rough road.  The trip will take four days, a long tiresome journey in those times.  Mary is with child and her time is close at hand.  She is at peace with herself and God.  She knows that she carries the Savior of the World.  She, like Joseph, does not know what lies ahead at this strange town of Bethlehem.  She faces this uncertain future with courage; knowing that God will arrange for everything.

 As the silent Joseph walks along, he thinks of the many unsolved problems on his mind, but he too, relies completely on God’s guidance.  As many rich caravans push past them, Mary and Joseph stand off to the side of the road with no bitterness in their hearts.  This holy couple sleeps in the inns along the road.  Here they take their ordinary meals.  Notice their courtesy to each other!  Joseph has kind concern for his wife; in every way he tries to ease her journey. 

About both of them is the spirit of prayer. Mary and Joseph are praying to God for help and courage in carrying out their calling.  What heavenly peace seems to follow them along the way.  No sharp words are spoken to each other; they make no complaints to God for having brought them out on this long, monotonous trip during the rainy, wintery time of the year.

With two days until Christmas, what lessons can we learn for ourselves from the travels of this couple from two thousand years ago? We can bring their spirit into our daily living.  Let us imitate their spirit of prayer . . . move along these last two days of Advent in an unhurried pace . . . do not let haste and a frenzied hurrying rob you of a realization of the Presence of God in your life . . . leave your worries behind and have trust in God. 

The future looked dark for Mary and Joseph, but their confidence in God never weakened. They traveled slowly, and left the details and all their difficulties in the safe hands of God.   Keep Peace in your hearts like Mary and Joseph.  Whatever happens along the way, God will be there with you.

          Fr. George McKenna

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The Riddles Of Life

The stain glass windows are aglow this Advent Season at Old St. Mary’s in downtown Milwaukee

Man has searched for the answer to the riddles of life since the beginning of time. His search had taken him in every direction with no complete solution ever being found. He has looked for a solution in wars, which are nothing but self-destructive . . . he has search within his friends who have let him down frequently . . . he has browsed through volume of books which are non-living and thus cannot give an answer to the deepest questions of life.

In our hearts there is an intense longing for the happiness which we all feel we have a right to, otherwise, why were we put here to yearn and ping for something that is completely beyond our reach? Why were we put here for the purpose of forever wishing for something that will never come to be?

As Christians, we believe that we have the answer to all these riddles of life in the Person of Christ. We must await His coming and be on the lookout for His arrival. We must possess serenity of life, a quiet peace of soul so that His coming will not be missed. We must wish His coming into our hearts. We must await His coming in patience. Christ moves into the lives of those who wait, only in the Person of Christ will we find the answer to the riddles of life that face each one of us.

The rush of the holiday season has been with us since before Thanksgiving. We can be swept away with this hurrying about and then miss the real meaning of the season. We can end up the season of Advent with no more answers to the great riddles of life then when the season began. Let us try to understand the roots of our everyday longing. Only in Jesus will we find the answer of our yearnings.

Seek Jesus during these last few days of Advent. He holds the solution for all the problems of mankind. This is not just a mood that we want to have during this Holy Season, but rather we want this feeling of yearning for Christ because we believe deeply in the terrible need we have for Him in our lives. “Lord, I desire You. You know my needs. I have looked in all places for the solutions to this riddle we call life, and I have found the answer in You!”

         Fr. George McKenna

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