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I Need A Professional Guide

One of the world famous Edward Kemey’s Lions in front of the Art Institute.
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I always enjoyed visiting the Chicago Art Institute on Michigan Avenue. Within its walls, this world famous Museum contains priceless and irreplaceable art treasures.  I would walk along it corridors and quickly view the paintings of the masters, works of sculpture and the seasonal cultural exhibits.  My walk was always a solo flight.  With only myself and my own little knowledge of art and culture, I just hoped that some of this remarkable work of creative minds would sink into my life and uplift it.

Oftentimes, in these wanderings in the Museum, I would run across school children, some 30 or 40 in a group. They would usually be seated on little camp chairs in front of a masterpiece as a professional guide from the Museum would be explaining the features of the painting to their fresh, young minds.  Frequently I would stop and listen, enthralled.  In an exciting, well-modulated voice the guide, generally a woman, would explain the color tone, the artist’s reason for drawing the picture, the time period of the work and other valuable insights.  As I would listen, I found out sadly, how much I was missing in my solo journeys through this treasure house.

Do I realize how much I am missing in my daily journey by making solo flights along the hallways of life? There’s no need to depend on my own small amount of wisdom to get the most out of life.  I can provide myself with a professional guide.  I can invite the Holy Spirit to come with me to point out helpful ideas in all the happenings that come my way.  Like the professional guide in the Museum, this Holy Spirit, friendly and totally knowledgeable, truly willing to communicate, would enrich my mind and heart beyond my fondest dreams.

In my journeys through the corridors of life, encountering it artistic treasures, such as sadness, tragedy, bewilderment, despair, as I thirst for happiness, like the little school children, I will sit down and listen to the Spirit speaking to me. This Gentle, Lovable Person will point out to me the richness contained in those personal life adventures.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. May our Loving Father continue to bless you abundantly.

Fr. George McKenna

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A Fatal Attraction

William Blake’s, Wise and Foolish Virgins
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Sunday’s Gospel is the parable of the 10 Virgins

Fifty eight years ago, in 1959, I made my first Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Holy Land. I traveled with three priests friends, all who stayed active in the Priesthood their entire lives. For 49 years, I continued my pilgrimages – 27 times I visited the City that Jesus loved and cried over throughout my life. My last visit was in 2008.

Why did I return so often? Many asked me that question – family members concerned many times about my safety.   Call it the fatal attraction! Please don’t confuse this with the 1987 movie by the same name (I never saw it), but the expression, in my case, fits perfectly: Fatal Attraction.

The Person of Jesus of Nazareth has captured my heart as no created thing has! “Fatal” means deadly and leading to death. My attraction to Him is fatal, that is, bringing death to any desires I have for worldly things, such as accumulation of wealth, possessions, fame or pleasure. So, I traveled to Jerusalem because Jesus had a special love for this Holy City, a place where He preached often and where He eventually died. I always went to learn more about the God-Man.

By spending time praying in the many holy places, like the Garden of Gethsemane, the Way of the Cross, and the Place of the Crucifixion, I put fuel on the fire of my attraction to Christ. The words he preached in the Old City still seem to hang in the quiet of the sweet pure air. Jerusalem, the City of Peace, drew me to itself much as a magnet attracts metal. There I listened for His Words!

As in the lives of all humans, sorrows, disappointments and sicknesses have dotted my life; but always underneath these challenges, I experienced a wonderful happiness and peace. Why was this? I felt this ever present attraction to the Savior and His promise to be with me always!

How does all the above concern the reader? Sunday’s readings speak of wisdom, and at the end of the Gospel, Jesus encourages us, “stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.” The season of Advent is only three weeks away. We will hear more of this message – to seek and be ready for the coming of Our Lord. Be confident that our friendship with the Prince of Peace can capture our hearts and sweep aside all worldly desires.   In prayer, we can find a delight in sharing with Our Friend our everyday life with its joys, its setbacks and its successes.

Half-hearted devotion to the Lord lacks enthusiasm. It is a joyless experience; one that can make a person put aside Jesus of Nazareth as easily as yesterday’s newspaper. Do everything we can to know, love and serve This Person of Christ.

Fr. George McKenna

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