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Signs On The Road Of Life

El Santuario de Chimayo
Dave Ruppert, Office of Indian Affairs and American Culture, National Park Service

Twenty four years ago I traveled to the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, to visit a friend.  This state provides sheer delight to the eyes of a visitor: the serpentine Rio Grande River, mountains, long vistas of unparalleled beauty in the rolling plains, and colors no words can describe.  My friend lived in Albuquerque, a city on a bluff overlooking the Rio Grande.

I was interested in seeing the Marian Shrine of Chimayo, called the Lourdes of New Mexico. On our trip north to the shrine, I was impressed as never before of the importance of road signs.  With my local friend driving we came upon many helpful markers on our trip.  Because of these directional signs we were able to turn with confidence at all the major junctions, knowing we were on the right road.

All of us desire happiness, even in this life on earth. Everything we do, even our sins, is directed to bring happiness to ourselves.  God, in His Love for us, has given us signs on the road of life to lead us to through this earthly destination of happiness, peace and self-fulfillment.  These positive markers, The Ten Commandments, will point the way to the greatest measure of true happiness possible on this earth.

Returning from Chimayo, where we left our requests for help with Mary, we came to a highway junction without signposts. For the first time that day, we were forced to guess which route to take.  We guessed wrong, and that wrong turn ended up sending us in the wrong direction for an hour.  Some people look on the Ten Commandments as shackles and handcuffs which take away their freedom and liberty.  With disregard for these road signs, they wander into many unhappy situations, never arriving at their desired destination of lasting peace of soul in this life.  They lose their way , not for an hour, but sometimes forever.

One day a beggar asked Jesus for the gift of sight, “Lord, I want to see”. Of course, the Lord granted his request.  Daily, our prayer could be the same, “Jesus, we wish to see.”  We need spiritual sight to notice these most welcome sign posts God provides for us on our journey to Heaven.  As we drive along through the silence of the darkening highways of life, keep thinking of this one idea . . . keep alert and watchful for the road signs God gives us.

Mistakenly, many see the Ten Commandments as “Thou Shalt Nots”, negative statements.  But how positive they are!  “Reverence the One True God . . . Respect God’s Holy Name . . . Keep Holy the Day devoted to God . . . Respect one’s Mother and Father . . . Have Love for Others . . . Revere One’s own Sexuality and the Sexuality of Others . . . Respect the Property of Others . . . Be Truthful . . . Your Neighbors Spouse and Possessions are Precious, Respect Them.” Listen to the Word of God, look for His Signs of Hope and Love, travel through this earthly life, with a Loving and Caring Guide.

Fr. George McKenna

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A Father’s ABCs

 Always trust your children to God’s care

My father – Patrick J. McKenna Happy Fathers’ Day to all fathers, and those who selflessly take on that role.

My father – Patrick J. McKenna
Happy Fathers’ Day to all fathers, and those who selflessly take on that role.

 Bring them to church

 Challenge them to high goals

 Delight in their achievements

 Exalt the Lord in their presence

 Frown on evil

 Give them love

 Hear their problems

 Ignore not their childish fears

 Joyfully accept their apologies

 Keep their confidence

 Live a good example before them

 Make them your friends

 Never ignore their endless questions

 Open your heart to their love

 Pray for them by name

 Quicken your interest in their spirituality

 Remember their needs

 Show them the way to salvation

 Teach them to work

 Understand they are still young

 Verify your statements

 Wean them from bad company

eXpect them to obey

 Yearn for God’s best for them

 Zealously guide them in the truth of the Bible


Fr. George Mc Kenna

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