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Graciousness Is Everywhere

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio Via Wikipedia Jesus was gracious – even to the Doubting Thomas

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio
Via Wikipedia
Jesus was gracious – even to the Doubting Thomas

Refuse to give up on the world and the people in it.  One of the values of traveling (as a humorist friend says – “getting out of your zip code”) gives us an experience of meeting many strangers of different races, cultures and languages.  Graciousness is everywhere.  I always return home from a trip with my belief renewed in the goodness of my brothers and sisters in the world.

One day in Paris, May 17, 2005, I saw a large number of people waiting to enter a restaurant.  Evidently a good place to eat, I said to myself.  The doors opened and everyone took places at many tables.  I enjoyed a tasty lunch topped off with a gourmet French dessert.  All received the same food.

As I began to leave, the woman in charge asked me for my ticket.  I had stumbled into a luncheon for a social club.  The members had ticket bought their tickets previously.  I tried to offer my money.  “No, no”, she said, “we can’t take your money”, along with a warm smile and a blown kiss.  I never dress as a priest in traveling.  How gracious of her!  Merci beaucoup, Madam!  Many thanks!

Several times during that trip, on crowded buses in Paris, women offered their seats to me.  In past, I would refuse, but now, I sit down.  Others will stop to answer my simple (and sometimes dumb) questions.  Over the years, rarely did anyone show a look of exasperation or impatience at my ignorance of their customs or language.

Yes, graciousness, a spirit of kindness, gentleness, a willingness to practice self-sacrifice for the good of another shows up everywhere.  Christ brought this spirit into the world with His Way of Life.  We too, want to fill our days with this way of living.

In Paris I lived with the Redemptorist Community, just 10 minutes from the Notre Dame Cathedral by bus.  Of the fifteen priests in the House, only one spoke English, Father Yves – a young man of about 70 years old.  I will always remember him for his joviality and friendliness.  He reminded me of the od time actor Guy Kibbe.  A big help to me.

One gracious person in our household can turn  it into a little suburb of Heaven.  Be that gracious person, unflustered with the mistakes of others, laughter close to our lips.  A loving presence to everyone.


            Fr. George Mc Kenna

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