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An Affirming Person

The Sermon of the Beatitudes James Tissot, Via Wikimedia Commons

The Sermon of the Beatitudes
James Tissot, Via Wikimedia Commons

One day, many years ago, I was swinging my golf club in my garage which held about twenty cars. Another person, parking her car, called out cheerfully, “That looks like a good swing!”  It was said in a joking way, but still the message was encouraging, giving me hope for the future.

Someone may say of the exchange above, “Such a small thing and you call that an affirmation?” Yes, a small thing, but of much importance to the one receiving the message.  Everyone needs to hear frequently, “Yes, you are beautiful.  You are good and worthy of much esteem.”

A young juvenile delinquent wrote to his parents, as he left home for good: “Yes, you gave me Christmas gifts and birthday presents, but you never had time to sit down and listen to me when I wanted to tell you something. You gave me the feeling that what I had to say really didn’t mean much or carry any weight of importance.”

Listening can be a way of affirming others, of healing their inner spirits. People cry out to be affirmed, to be told their worthiness and fitness to be loved and treasured.  Recall in our own lives how much help we received from someone, a teacher, a classmate, a family member who in some way, by word or action gave us a feeling of importance.

Jesus does this kind of thing all through the Gospels. We should wish to imitate Him in this way of living.  Even a smile can be an affirmation.  “Yes, I am noticing you and I like what you are doing!”

Jesus was a healer without equal. In a tender, gentle way, He dealt with all whom He met.  He never put any person down as unworthy of His attention.  All went away from Him feeling better.  After someone meets us, do they walk away feeling better?

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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I Share Some Secrets

Rembrandt’s The Supper at Emmaus Picture via Wikipedia

Rembrandt’s The Supper at Emmaus
Picture via Wikipedia

On Tuesday of this week, May 6, I will celebrate 70 years of Priesthood.  Allow me to share with you some “secrets” I have discovered in dealing with thousands of people over those years.  These “secrets” pertain to values in life – that is, what makes for joyful, successful living.

Above all other goals in life, daily seek the close friendship of Jesus of Nazareth in all you say and do.  There is none greater than He.

See in prayer the privilege of privileges.  If you consistently use prayer you will never lack faith and courage to face the difficulties of life.

Perhaps, because of its preciousness, love, the consideration for others, ranks by far as the most difficult virtue for human beings to practice.  Those who consistently succeed in loving taste heaven on earth.

Every single human being, young and old, desperately needs frequent affirmation.  Everyone needs to hear daily: “You are beautiful.  You possess charm and goodness.”  The one who daily affirms others ranks among the world’s greatest lovers.

A peaceful, loving heart, free of spite and hateful spirits may easily be the finest treasure or wealth that anyone can possess in life.  This type of heart is a masterpiece of creation. 

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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