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Why I Enjoy Advent

A family Christmas Tree, with Lights of Hope, and each ornament holding a memory.


  • The beginning of a new Church Year encourages me to make a fresh start in serving God. I have washed my soul clean of all past sins and ahead lies many chances to prove my loyalty to the Lord Who comes as a Little Child at Christmas. “Lord, I am sorry for all my sins. Help me to be a better person.”

  • Advent means “Coming”. In our case, the coming of the Lord of Heaven and Earth, to bring light to a world filled with chaos and hatreds. This Christmas ahead offers opportunities through prayer and good works to bring the Light of Christ into my heart. “Lord, I yearn for Your Coming.”

  • The colored lights in homes, the Christmas Trees, the Christmas Carols, all tell of a message of hope for a better world. A spirit of good will, a generous sharing of one’s goods with the needy, the hungry and the less fortunate, reminds me of the essential goodness of all human beings. “Child of Bethlehem, I want to be worthy to hold You tenderly to my heart.”

  • The good tidings in the Christmas cards, the Bethlehem crib scenes, the shopping of gifts for others, no matter how small the gift, fills my heart, my cup of joy, to overflowing. Truly, Advent comes to me as a Season of Grace.  “Lord, never before was there or will be such an Advent as this one of 2017. I wish to use each day of it wisely.


Fr. George McKenna

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Advent: The Coming Of The Visitor

A Candle on a German Christmas Tree
Photo by Gerbil via Wikipedia

Did you have family and friends over for Thanksgiving last week?  What did you do in preparation?  If you are like me, you got your house in order!  I remember years ago, some friends called and told me they were coming to visit me in my apartment.  I went to work in putting things back in their proper place: books, clothes and the clean laundry.  I opened the window and it brought in fresh, cool air.  All in all, it took me over an hour to straighten out the disorder of my small apartment.  I said to myself, “How fortunate to have these visitors, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought order to my quarters.”

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the season we await the coming of our famous Visitor, Christ the Lord, to our hearts.  Our faith tells us of this coming, not a make believe one, but truly a happening certain to take place.  In this Season of Grace, the Lord will make His way into our hearts, made ready for Him and swept clean of all debris of sin and past negligence of Him.

The Advent Season, the preparation time for the Coming of the Holy Visitor, gives us the motivation, the gentle shove we need to clean our hearts of anything that would embarrass the Great Visitor from Heaven.  We could sweep out our selfish habits, our laxity in prayer, or our indifference to God.

Just as I admired the order and neatness of my apartment, if we use this Advent season to prepare, then this Christmastime we can be thrilled when we look into our hearts and see the glow and shine of a place suitable for the Lord’s visit.

Fr. George McKenna

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