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The Friendship of The Holy Spirit

Two of Uncle George’s favorites, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus

Most likely this was originally written by Uncle George in the mid 90’s, his 75th Birthday was in 1994. I asked him once, which hole he missed that putt on, and he said it was the 17th. He loved golf, caddying when he was young at Westgate Golf Club in Palos, along with his brothers and then being a top rate golfer himself. Joe.

I have played golf for 65 years. On my 75th Birthday, I shot a golf score of 76 on a good course, missing out on at 75 because of a three putt green on one of the last holes. Golf has helped me continue in the Priesthood and brought me good health. Through those years, I often wished I had a world class professional golfer playing with me, someone like Jack Nicklaus. With his advice, I could cut down my mistakes and shoot top flight golf scores.

Jesus gave us a world class coach on Pentecost when He sent us the Holy Spirit to guide us on the ways of Righteousness and Holiness in the game of life. I picture the Holy Spirit as a young Person, full of love for me, as if I were the only human being on the earth! The Third Person of the Blessed Trinity wants to guide and coach me on how to bring lasting happiness into my life, even in my earthly life.

In so many words, Jesus said, “If you see Me, you see the Holy Spirit.” Yes, the Spirit has all the qualities that Jesus showed in His earthly Life: Kindness, Patience, Love and Wisdom. In the past few weeks I did something that I haven’t done in past years! I put my hand into the Hand of the Holy Spirit as I walked through my days. Above all, I listened as My Good Friend told me many little ways to better myself on the fairways of life.

Allow me to share with the reader the messages . . . “Slow down, you are too much in a hurry . . . Seek your happiness in little happenings of life, like the joy of rising to a new day . . . Enjoy the first cup of coffee . . . Savor meals with your family and eating slowly . . . Read an interesting book, especially in these dark rainy days . . . See the beauty of nature, the flowers, the birds, the crash of thunder . . . Walk through the grass in your bare feet . . . Breath deeply, you are leaving stale air at the bottom of your lungs, carbon dioxide can poison your physical being . . . Laugh in a deep hearted way, not just a weak, nervous one, laughter produces healing effects in the body . . . Smile George, at times, you look like someone waiting for the other shoe to fall . . . Relax . . . Give control of your life over to God!”

Among other things, the Holy Spirit, by now a Real Person to me, mentioned, “Fall in love with life, life is mysterious, sometimes devastating, always challenging, but it is a stupendous gift, not to be wasted with daily complaints and wringing of hands. The more you treasure life, the more you will love God, the Author of Life.”

I strongly encourage our readers to put their hands into the Hand of the Holy Spirit . . . then, listen for messages!

Fr. George McKenna

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A Voice On The Via Dolorosa

I grew up in Blue Island, and as a child I have true memories of a man riding/pushing a cart through our neighborhood calling out to sharpen knives, axes, and tools.  The date I have on this message from Uncle George is October, 2005, a year after he had this inspirational experience in the Holy City.  Another example of Fr. McKenna taking a simple life experience and turning it’s meaning towards God.  When you think of it – aren’t all Christ’s parables the same thing!  But then, George did love and learn from The Master.   God’s peace.  Joe.

Knife grinder in Paris, 19 May 2008 via Wikipedia, USER: FLLL

Jerusalem – September 17, 2004;  In the perfect silence of the afternoon, in my room in the Center For Biblical Study, I hear a man’s powerful voice on the Via Dolorosa (The Way of the Cross).  As he moves along, he cries out in one or two words of Arabic, a pleasant sound.  He is offering his services for some needs of the people living on the Sorrowful Way.

The incident reminded me of a sight I had seen back in our Chicago neighborhood a few months previously.  A man was riding on something similar to a bicycle, a three wheel vehicle of some sort.  A big emery wheel was centered in his contraption.  He was offering his services to the neighborhood by way of sharpening the knives of the households on the street.  His bell ringing alerted everyone to his presence.

Now, to the point of this.  Today, a Man, familiar with the Via Dolorosa, moves through our neighborhood streets, calling out in a  pleasant voice with these words . . . “Give Me your heart.  I will take away any dullness in it.  I will make it more effective in your service to Me.  I will refine it of any ugliness that lessens its beauty.”

The word “heart”, receives mention in hundreds and hundreds of times in Biblical readings.  Call “heart” the source of all our human emotions.  From it springs all our ideals in leaving.  In the Psalms, Kind David pleaded for this gift of all gifts . . . “Create in me a clean heart . . . Renew within me a right spirit. . . “

Some years ago, a friend gave me the gift of a piece of Italian marble, red in color, about the size and shape of a human heart.  I hold this in my hand often and lift it to the Lord . . . “Lord, take my heart and make it pleasing to You.”

The noises of the world can deafen us to the Voice of the Christ, asking us for our hearts . . . Scripture says, “If today, you hear the voice of the Lord, harden not your hearts.”  If our heart is pure, from it will proceed the beauty of a holy life.

Fr. George P. McKenna




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