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The Messenger Of Peace Moves Among Us

I am sure the average reader, like myself, as a child thought of Easter as a one day event in the spring: sometimes early, sometimes late, sometimes even on my birthday!  But as we now know – Easter is a Season in our Liturgical Year of the Church.  Seven weeks to celebrate the Rising of our Lord on that first Easter Morning.  This upcoming weekend we celebrate the 5th Sunday of the 2019 Easter Season.   This message is taken directly from the notes of Father McKenna’s Homily for Easter Sunday at St. Barnabas in 1971.

Fr. McKenna preparing for a Sermon at Midway Airport.
Photo by Michelle Litvin, Chicago Tribune July 2, 1995 “God is his co-pilot”

Several times in the past years I have offered Mass at the Tomb of Our Lord in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The open and empty tomb brought home graphically, the marvelous happening that took place on the first Easter Sunday morning.  An air of festivity and rejoicing cloaks the air of this Easter Time.  Christ is victorious!  He will conquer death and the sin in our own personal lives.  We cannot lose if we hold on tightly to the Risen Christ.

The message of the Lord comes to us: “COME ALIVE!”  Why continue with a lackadaisical version of living when the Risen Lord offers a vivid, electrifying version of life?  Yes, this was planned for all of us, not just the favored few.  If Christ, the Victor, is saying anything to us this Easter, He is saying “Throw off those old ways of thinking and living.  Come Alive!  Put more thrust into your life!”  You may be saying to yourself, what is this electrifying way of living that you are talking about?

Do you keep morose, harsh thoughts about some people in your hearts?  Do we think that in doing this we are healing our opened wounds of hate?  Certainly not!  We are condemning ourselves to a sub-standard style of life.  We are only living half a life, a good part of us is dead.  We are in a self-made prison and we don’t even know it.

Jesus is a Liberator.  He went about after the Resurrection freeing men and women from the prison of their fears and anxieties.  Even today, He comes to us to liberate us from the snares of sin.  He says to each of us, “Peace, Believe in Me!”  Why are we fettered with worry which cuts us off from the true meaning of the joy of living?  Why are we, followers of Christ, so sad because we are taken up with the happenings of this life as if we were to live here forever?  The Risen Lord, the Messenger of Peace, of new hope, again moves among us, lifting up weak spirits and encouraging embittered hearts.

All about us we see Nature in the process of coming alive, a freshness and newness of life.  What seemed like dead bushes, trees and grasses now begin to take on a new appearance, a new life of fresh greenery.  Shrubs are bursting, evolving buds give a promise of beauty, tulips and lilies come to life and tell us what we might really look like if we really wished it!

Have you been worrying about the same matters for the last few months?  Every day we give a great amount of time to negative thoughts.  Nothing is accomplished except to push your spirits lower into darkness.  The Risen Lord promises new life to each of us, not just in the world to come, but in the here and now!  We might use the three-way light bulb as an example.  We turn the switch once and a low light comes on.  We turn again and a moderate amount of light appears, but we turn that switch a third time, and a bright light outshines the first two!

What do I wish for you during this Easter Season?  I wish for you to see the promise of hope that the Resurrection holds out to each one of us.  To see the beauty of life, to reach out to others and allow the Spirit to come alive in our midst.  I wish that when you see darkness around you, you turn the switch three times, and let the Light of the Lord shine brightly!

Fr. George P. McKenna


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  1. Thank you for bringing Fr. George into our hearts & souls through his words written long ago…Come Alive…Alive to His Love! May Fr. George’s spiritual eloquence bring the sheep closer to The Good Shepherd…may his priesthood inspire vocations to the priesthood and religious life. God Bless all your family, marianne

    Comment by mcs | May 14, 2019 | Reply

  2. I miss my dear friend so much. Thank you for sharing.

    Comment by Nancy Westvang | May 14, 2019 | Reply

  3. He is so full of inspiration.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 15, 2019 | Reply

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