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I felt this was a fitting picture. Fr. George’s Wake and Funeral Mass will be held at St. Barnabas.

I have had the pleasure for the last 8 years to bring to you the life and wisdom of one of the greatest men I have ever known.  Through his writings we all came to know him just a little bit better, and in that process, our lives – if we followed his simple suggestions – became better too! The old saying, “they broke the mold when they made. . . ” amply applies to George Patrick McKenna.

8 years ago, Uncle George wanted to put out a 5th book, and when he got an idea in his mind, believe me, it was hard to change it.  His nieces (one is my beautiful wife), would visit him every Saturday and Sunday, and weekly they would hear about his plans.  Understandably, we had doubts.  He was 92 years old, and at the time was going through some health issues.  Would a book make sense at this late time in his life?  My daughter suggested a blog as a means for him to reach even more people than a little paper back would, and the cost would be nothing but the time spent typing out the page.  In a short time, Uncle George agreed to give this new technology a try and his little Blog – which has now reached 147 countries and has been viewed more than 53,000 times, was born.

Each week became routine.  The blog for the week would be created from his treasure trove of writings, he would review the finished project, it would be published, and then his nieces would read to him each and every comment that was sent in.  It not only brightened his day, but it gave him the hope and will to keep moving, keep living, and keep looking forward to tomorrow.  I can confidently say that YOU, each and every one of YOU who sent in your thoughts, your love, and your gratitude – kept this humble servant of God, not only living, but thriving up to the end.

Through these 8 years, I have marveled at the love, admiration and gratitude of the comments that you have all written about Fr. McKenna.  As his family, we knew he was special, but that took on new meaning when you all confirmed what we already knew.

I continue to be amazed at the memories you have shared.  These stories were sparks of hope and life for Fr. McKenna.  You might not realize this, but this little blog and YOUR response, YOUR acceptance, YOUR love and most importantly, YOUR COMMENTS kept him going these last 8 years.  We all need to be loved and appreciated.  Without this beautiful gift, our lives would be lonely, despondent and bleak.  Uncle George’s existence was supported and nurtured by the outpouring of love you showed each and every week through your comments.

This Thursday and Friday we will be saying our earthly good byes to our Uncle, Friend, Priest, Confessor, Teacher and Spiritual Guide.  Thank you, to each of you for giving us these extra 8 years to live and love this remarkable man. You made a difference in his life, more than you know.

Joe Tucker

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Obituary and Funeral Arrangements for Fr. McKenna


Fr. McKenna’s Portrait from his Ordination Class of 1944

Here is the link to Father George’s obituary.  His wake will be on Thursday, January 31, and his Funeral Mass will be on Friday, February 1.  Both will be at St. Barnabas in Chicago.


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