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What Will God Say To Me Today?

Fr. McKenna is now recovering at home thanks to all the prayers and love he has received.  He feels blessed.  Thank You ALL!!!

Some 42 years ago, while reading a national Catholic newspaper, I came upon a 6-line advertisement in the back pages: “The Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska needs priests to serve in his missionary diocese. If interested, contact the Bishop of Fairbanks, Alaska.”

From my early days in the Seminary, I had wished to be a missionary priest, but circumstances beyond my control had kept me from realizing this dream. Knowing that this was my last chance to serve as a missionary in the Church, I immediately contacted Bishop Whelan of the Fairbanks Diocese by telephone and spoke to him from his hospital bed in Seattle, Washington, where he was recuperating from a recent operation.

As a result, a few months later on June 29, 1976, with the permission of the Archdiocese of Chicago, I found myself stepping off a Boeing 7373 from Anchorage Alaska, in a small community of Bethel in far western Alaska, a town of 3,000 people of which 70% were Eskimos.

A few lines in a newspaper had changed the course of my life, uprooting me from a comfortable big-city life style to the simple life of the “Last Frontier”, with no running water or indoor plumbing. I have never regretted the decision I made in answering this advertisement which I thought came from God to me.  Stimulating, challenging experiences came to me in my time in Alaska.  Happenings which would never have taken place in 100 years in Chicago.  Separated from family and friends, I came to see life in a new and refreshing way.

What will God say to me today? If a believer in God starts off the day with this attitude, he could invite stunning, earth shaking ideas into his life.  Perhaps the Lord will whisper something that will completely change the life style for many years.  In some simple way, by means of a letter, a conversation, a telephone call, a book, a TV program, a newspaper article, or just by sitting in calm silence reading scripture, God will communicate His secrets to His followers.

Elijah looked for the Lord in the strong wind, an earthquake and fire, yet found him in a light whisper but then hid his face. Start out each morning with expectation, “What does God wish to tell me today?”  He will speak and inspire you through common, everyday experiences.   Be ready to follow through on any wholesome message that could give a new zest to one’s way of life.  This requires courage and willingness to take risk.  And when you hear His call – don’t hide, take action!  

Fr. George McKenna

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Dear Fr. McKenna’s faithful readers.

Fr. McKenna suffered a small stroke over the weekend.  His is currently under the doctors care and the watchful eye of his family.  He is active, alert and attentive.  He asks and thanks all for prayers for his recovery, comfort, peace and love.  Thank you.

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