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Fall In Love With Life

A new day dawns as the sun rises over Lake Michigan. What will you do with this opportunity?

One night in the hospital, the sick man heard the dreaded news from his doctor, “You only have a short time to live.”  Through the long, dark hours of the night, the man wrestled with many conflicting thoughts of how he had used his life and how he wished he had a little more time for things he wanted to do for his loved ones.

The next morning the doctor spoke to him, “We were mistaken.  You are fine, you are going to live!”  With a loud shout of joy the “sick” man almost jumped out of his bed.  Suddenly life took on a rosy hue.  His ears picked up the sound of voices down the corridor and the chirp of birds outside his window.  He was going to live!  He wanted to climb out on the hospital roof and shout to the entire neighborhood, “I AM GOING TO LIVE!”  The splendid gift he had taken for granted up until the night before, now was suddenly seen in all its beauty and preciousness.  He would never be the same again.

This true story made a lasting impression on me.  I made a resolution to fall in love with life.  We take each dawn for granted and look upon the day ahead as another hurdle to be leaped over.  Instead, how worthwhile to see the dawning day as a precious gift from the Lord.  We are to fill the day with an enjoyment of all its simple happenings, the sound of the voices of our loved ones, the constantly changing scene of nature, the sky, the flight of birds.

Like the sick man given a reprieve from death, we ought to want to shout to all the community, “I’M GOING TO LIVE!”  Why so many gloom faces on the streets?  Because conditions are not perfect, these people gifted with life shrug off its value and choose to be morose and dispirited.  The daily trials of life have blinded them to the privilege of what it means to be a “living” person.

Pretend you thought you had little chance to survive.  Pretend you hear someone say, “You are going to live!”  Would your life be the same humdrum experience you might find it to be at the present moment?  Face the day in a positive way, telling yourself that you will use every happening of the day as a stepping stone to new growth in personality and character.

Fr. George McKenna

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  1. Great words of wisdom from you who has lived 99+ years! I try to enjoy the little things too, especially in nature I am sitting here listening to the humming birds and woodpeckers outside while watching a beautiful sunrise. Sending you my love and prayers, Fr George.

    Comment by Nancy Westvang | July 21, 2018 | Reply

  2. Thank you Father. God bless you.

    Comment by Pattie | July 21, 2018 | Reply

  3. Thank you again Fr. McKenna. May we make each day a gift from God and be thankful for what we have. Pam Gervais

    Comment by Greg Gervais | July 21, 2018 | Reply

  4. Thanks again, Father, and please keep posting!

    Comment by barttimm | July 21, 2018 | Reply

  5. Wonderful story!

    Comment by Kathryn Mikel | July 21, 2018 | Reply

  6. Thank you Fr. George for your golden words of faith & love. We must never forget the exquisite gift of each day! Blessings, Love & Gratitude, marianne

    Comment by mcs | July 22, 2018 | Reply

  7. Another beautiful thought made inspirational by a man who lives love.

    Comment by Gerry Ryan | July 22, 2018 | Reply

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