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A Sabbath-Keeper, A Person Of Wisdom

The Western Wall
Photo by Golasso, Via Wikipedia

In my 27 trips to Jerusalem, I have frequently witnessed the beginning of the Sabbath at sun-down on Friday evenings. A startling change came over the whole city, with buses, taxis and traffic disappearing from the streets. Without exception, all shops and factories closed down until sunset on Saturday evening, the end of the Sabbath. A peaceful silence, a stillness, fell upon the deserted boulevards.

On Friday evenings, from my position outside the walls of the Old City, I saw wave after wave of Jewish Sabbath-Keepers, in the thousands, walking up a steep hill, on a six-lane highway, towards the Old City, on their way to the Wailing Wall. Dressed in their best and in a somber mood, these religious people would begin their Sabbath with prayers at this Holy Place, located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. The Jews consider the Wailing Wall to be the West Wall of the Temple from the time of Christ.

After these experiences, I would come home to the USA with a desire to give more attention to my personal celebration of the Christian Sabbath held on Sundays. God rested on the 7th day, not because He needed this, but rather to give us a message . . . “Give yourselves a rest from the busyness of life and think of Me”. . . In our culture, we have no hope of imitating the Sabbath of Jerusalem in regard to shutting down all activities. However, as individuals, we can bring everything to a halt in our hearts and spirit; in peace we can pass the day!

The Sunday Sabbath rest gives us a chance to think of what we are doing with out lives. A good beginning finds us worshipping God at Mass and receiving His Sacred Body and Blood. Avoid shopping on this Special Day! Manual work, like washing clothes, housework, and cutting the grass will pull us away from the spirit of the day! We meet with family needs, but we reserve some private time for ourselves. Look forward with delight to the Sabbath! Lots of love and laughter.

In our solitude, prayer and reading the Bible, a quiet thinking of the ideals of Christ, even writing some of our thoughts in our journal can give a rewarding Sabbath time. Sabbath-Keepers will spend this time in quiet joy. In the Gospels, the writers tell us of Jesus retreating to the mountain tops for prayer. He felt a desperate need to commune with His Heavenly Father for success in His Work! He kept the Sabbath by attending the synagogue services. We can learn from Jesus by setting aside time each Sunday to pray like He did.

Fr. George McKenna

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  1. Thank you Fr. McKenna for helping me to focus on Jesus on Sundays–all day long. Pam Gervais

    Comment by Greg Gervais | July 16, 2018 | Reply

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