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The Rosary Month

The Vision of St. Dominic by Bernardo Cavallino
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For centuries we have dedicated the whole month of October to praying the Rosary. In the mysteries of the Rosary we have a short, quick review of the Life of Jesus and His Mother. For a few moments, the happenings in their lives flow through our minds in the form of blessings and consolations. Our love for the Lord and His Mother reaches out and touches all aspects of our lives.

Outside of the Sacraments and Holy Mass, we will find the Rosary the best possible help to holiness of life. Carry the Rosary always on our persons so that in various situations of the day, we can place “the beads” in our hands for a quick lifting of our minds and hearts to Our Heavenly Mother.

With the founding of Midway Airport Chapel, one of our Apostolates consisted in offering free Rosaries to all who came to worship. We encouraged everyone entering our Chapel to take as many Rosaries as they wish and to give them to their families and friends. In this way, many thousands of beads have gone to all parts of our country. Rosaries do not have to be elaborate; ours were simply made of plastic and thin rope. But the power of the prayers said on those beads can be live changing.

Some people will say that the continuous saying of the Hail Marys causes distraction and fatigue. To deal with this, one could say a single decade at different times throughout the day. There is no obligation of praying the Rosary through all five decades at one prayer session.

Many times I will spread out the saying of “the beads” to different hours of the day. In this way I can give more attention to each Hail Mary, and mediate on the events of each decade. Using this process I sanctify many hours of each day.

This is the last weekend of October. Use these last few days to become familiar with your Rosary, I am sure there is one in a drawer or box somewhere, if not in your pocket! Then carry this powerful prayer with you each and every day.

Fr. George McKenna

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Your Daily Journal Can Enrich Your Life

Tundra Sunset,
Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge.
Bethel, Alaska is located within the boundaries of the Refuge.
Picture from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, Via Wikipedia

I encourage you to begin a daily journal of your life’s happenings. Use any kind of paper or book in jotting down ideas, impressions or inspirations that enter your life each day. In doing so, you will find that you have much better contact with your own life and the direction it is taking. Be selective in what observations and thoughts you enter into your journal. Quickly you will develop a consciousness of your own life pattern.

Suddenly you will find that you have an abiding interest in your own life. Unlike other years, the days will not pass along without your thoughtful appraisal of what is taking place in your life. Your journal helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your life. With time, you gain a deeper insight into your own goals, hopes and ambitions. Much quicker than ever before, you can detect how weaknesses try to enter your life and impede your progress to becoming the best version of yourself – the version God, our loving Father, created you for.”

Following are some excerpts from my personal journal 41 years ago this month, when I was in Bethel, Alaska.   “October brings winter. There is no fall. As one man said, ‘you close your eyes for a moment and summer is gone, and winter has come.’ From now until June, we will have ice in the river and an abundance of snow. Out come the snowmobiles. Whenever one parks a car, a plug leading to the motor is inserted into an electrical outlet to keep the motor warm. The priests here in Alaska like winter: no bugs, crisp air, and a new beauty.

I began keeping a journal early in my life, but it is never too late to start. Because I wrote down these impressions when they happened, I can still enjoy them now in the twilight of my life. Your journal will make you more alert to life and its beauty. Even a few words, some short phrases scribbled down quickly will keep this journal alive and rich and will uplift your life. The next time you are at one of the big stores, when you walk down the office and school supply section, you’ll see a wide assortment of diaries, journals, and notebooks.   Remember this message, and add one to your cart. Start your journal now, and enjoy it many, many years down the road.

Fr. George McKenna

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