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Fatherhood – One Of The Greatest Of All Gifts

In honor of all the father’s out there, I am reposting this message from a few years ago. A Happy Father’s Day to all of our fathers!

Each time I stop to visit my parents’ graves I thank them for giving me the gift of life. Years and years after fathers have died; they continue to live on in the lives of their children. On this present Father’s day, we say our gratitude to our fathers, living or dead, for giving us a chance to live in this world and for their support in our growing-up days.

I keep my parents’ wedding day photo on the top of my dresser and look at it every day. In this photo, taken in 1910, my father sits in a chair, in the custom of the day, while my mother in her white wedding dress stands beside him. Although my father is dead now almost 78 years, his memory carries on in my everyday life. Many times I have found inspiration by looking at this wedding photo with these two young, hopeful people destined to be my mother and father.

To every father I say, “Get into every family photo you can so that your children will have your image before themselves for years to come.” It’s amazing how much we can remember about our fathers. 50 years from now your children will be talking about you to their offspring and grandchildren. They may be basing their lives on some words you said in an offhand way, or on some example you unconsciously gave them.

Hopefully, fathers will show mercy, love and kindness to their children because then, their sons and daughters will associate these qualities with God. We take our ideas of God from our fathers. A few words from a cherished father will have more effect on the lives of his children than a score of sermons from a preacher. Fathers, to your family you are the key person in the world.

Of the 500,000 words in the English language, the word “father”, like “mother”, holds the highest place in terms of reverence, trust and love. Persevere in the mighty work God has given you. His help will always be with you.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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