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A Year Acceptable To The Lord

Jesus read from a scroll much like this when he was in the Synagogue in Narzareth Dead Sea Scroll - part of Isaiah Scroll, via Wikipedia by Daniel Baranek

Jesus read from a scroll much like this when he was in the Synagogue in Narzareth
Dead Sea Scroll – part of Isaiah Scroll, via Wikipedia by Daniel Baranek

In the Gospel of Luke, after he had been tempted by the devil, Jesus went to the synagogue in Nazareth, and read the words of Isaiah, “I have come to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord”! For the year ahead, I wish to give two points that will guarantee the reader of a year of peace, rejoicing and delight in 2017.

Twenty two years ago, in January, 1995, I lived at the Center for Biblical Studies, 41 Via Dolorosa (The Sorrowful Way). What a thrill to reside on the Way of the Cross!  Then one day the thought came, I have been living on the Via Dolorosa from my first moment of birth!  At that time (July 12, 1919), I arrived in this world with a physical body – open to sickness and pain, with a mind and heart so sensitive to the unloving actions of others.  Soon enough, I discovered that original sin made me tend towards evil, with the forces of light battling the powers of darkness within my spirit every day.

Everyone lives on the Via Dolorosa since we all have the same weakened human nature. Why should we be surprised that sufferings and pain come so often into our lives?

Point Number 1 for 2017 – Refuse to focus all our thinking on our personal crosses! When inclined to dwell on these heartaches and physical handicaps, instead train ourselves to turn to matters in the world around us.  Amazingly simple!  The less time we give to thinking of our own crosses, the more energy and consideration we have to pour out on the world about us.  As never before, we discover the simple joys of living . . . the first cup of coffee in the morning, the excitement of a good book, interest in the lives of others, a walk in the snow . . . a thousand delights await us.

Point Number 2 for 2017 – Take one day at a time! When I was in Jerusalem in 1995, in order to reach my room on the 3rd level, I would take an elevator up to the 2nd level, and then would have to climb a steep set of 23 stairs on the outside of the building the rest of the way.  The angle of the stairs reminded me of a ladder leaning against a tall wall.  To avoid a heart attack, I would go up three stairs, stop and pray a Hail Mary as I looked at the beautiful Jerusalem sky.  At the top, I arrived refreshed because of these eight stops. The lesson learned was that living in the past, the future and the day at hand all at once won’t work.  Take life one step at a time.

Have confidence in yourself and make 2017, a year acceptable to our Lord. Focus on others, while living in the present.  Enjoy the simple pleasures of life!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Thank you Father McKenna, for your wonderful insight. I always look forward to reading your words of wisdom
    Happy New Year to you .
    Kathy Kearney Graham (Monica’s sister)

    Comment by Anonymous | January 16, 2017 | Reply

  2. Thank you Fr. McKenna—this was beautiful. Pam Gervais

    Comment by Anonymous | January 16, 2017 | Reply

  3. Fr. McKenna, Are you reading my mind? I have been trying to not worry until after a meeting tomorrow when I will have more information about our financial status. Thoughts that we could end up with close to nothing is terrifying me. Tomorrow I will find out if I have credence for panicking or have I stressed for nothing. We need your prayers. Added note: I am planning on bring Joe home Jan 31. He has been in the nursing home since Dec. 28.

    Comment by Anonymous | January 16, 2017 | Reply

  4. Such plain and simple words, yet they make me feel refreshed , with a new direction for my life. Thank you Father McKenna. Jan Berry

    Comment by Jan Berry | January 21, 2017 | Reply

  5. Father McKenna, I have looked forward to, have read and been inspired by your posts for years. They are true to life, uplifting, insightful , spiritual. My family were parishioners at Our Lady of the Snows. Our Children were confirmed when you were there. We are blessed by your spirituality. Thank You Father and God Bless!

    Comment by William F. Hill | January 24, 2017 | Reply

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