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In A Cathedral In Florence, Italy

The Last Supper, by Valentin de Boulogne, Via Wikipedia

The Last Supper, by Valentin de Boulogne, Via Wikipedia

In Florence, Italy, the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Fields, with its multi-colored exterior brick, stands out as an architectural gem in that center of art and culture.  One warm, fall afternoon, I stepped into its cool interior to view its beauty and enjoy its silence.

A giant sized painting of the Last Supper covered the back wall of the Sanctuary.  Suddenly, to my joy, the Cathedral organist, evidently a world class musician began playing an original piece of music.  To my surprise, the virtuoso moved up and down the scale in different keys on only four notes – filling the great Cathedral with soul stirring chords of music, now faint, now thunderous.

“How can all this glorious music dome from only four notes”, I asked myself.  As never before, my spirit sang out in joy at this unexpected musical treat which went on for an hour.

As I sat looking, in the semi-darkness, at the painting of the Last Supper, I kept thinking of the Words that Jesus spoke that night before He died.  On that evening, on two occasions, He spoke four Words . . . “This is My Body” . . . and . . . “This is My Blood.”

Were any more inspiring Words ever spoken on this earth?  I connected those four Words with the powerful music being played on just four notes in the Cathedral that afternoon.

I pictured in my mind’s eye all the priests down through the centuries as they offered Mass and said these Sacred Words . . . sometimes in small chapels, great basilicas, on fenders of Jeeps in wartime, in horrid conditions of concentration camps.  What a holy concert of music these Words of Christ have added to the world!

Often, since that time, I have traveled back in spirit to this splendid place of worship in Florence.  In doing so, I renewed in myself the power, the glory and the majesty of those Holy Words spoken by the Lord on the night before He died.

As we attend Mass, listen carefully for those inspiring Words of Consecration, which bring the Lord down on our altars.  Treasure them!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. The Greatest Treasure on earth…thank you Fr. George for bringing Him to us through the Gift of your priesthood…serving Him, by guiding us, His sheep! Blessings, Gratitude and Love, marianne

    Comment by mcs | October 17, 2016 | Reply

  2. Thank you for sharing this reflection, Father! Touches my heart and spirit.

    Comment by TheAspiringCatholic | October 18, 2016 | Reply

  3. Simply beautiful, Fr. George! You can put so many themes together in such a short bit of writing! Things that you point out that I have never even thought of… the notes of the song with the words of mass! You are such a masterful writer! Love you, dear friend! My battery on my computer is about dead – have to keep this short! This piece of yours was one of your finest examples of rich writing! Love you!


    Comment by nancywest22 | November 7, 2016 | Reply

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