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Let Go And Let God

Miraculous catch of 153 fish fresco in the Spoleto Cathedral, Italy Photo by Georges Jansoone via Wikimedia

Miraculous catch of 153 fish fresco in the Spoleto Cathedral, Italy
Photo by Georges Jansoone via Wikimedia

Bill Wilson, a man in his 40s, had an addiction to alcohol from his teenage years. All who knew him wrote him off as a lost cause.  Every effort to help him had ended up in failure.  Then Bill, on his own account, thought of a plan to help all alcoholics – his idea, surely an inspiration from God.

Bill, the so-called hopeless addict, founded Alcoholics Anonymous, now knows as AA. Like no other plan, it had 12 steps, the First being . . . “Admit to a Higher Power”.  The second was . . . “Admit that no one can attain sobriety without help from this Higher Power.”  Members must meet at least once a week to review these 12 Steps, to share their struggles and encourage one another.  The members will always be addicted to alcohol, but Bill Wilson’s plan helps the addict live years of sobriety.

After that first Easter Sunday, the Apostles, still with no understanding of the Master’s Resurrection, had no success in fishing all night. But then, Christ, the God-Man, entered the picture and told them . . . “Fish on the right side of the boat.”  The dull-minded disciples were overwhelmed with fish.  From this Gospel story, Bill Wilson found the importance of Christ being Present.  By our spirit of prayer, we keep His Presence with us.

In my life story of 72 years in the priesthood, I often found my work as a priest filled with poor results. Why so many disappointments?  I had tried so hard!  Again and again, I discovered the reason.  I had left Christ out of the picture.  With my own limited talents, my efforts were bound to fail.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta oftentimes carried a rosary in her hand as she went about her work of caring for the unfortunates of life. The beads kept reminding her that Christ was with her in all her efforts.  I have come to my senses and learned that only with this Higher Power, Christ, can I touch the hearts of people.  With this realization, joy fills my heart no matter what the results of my efforts may be.

If we find ourselves listless and with little ambition to better our life style, we can be certain that we are forgetting the First Step of the Alcoholics Anonymous Program – Accept that there is a Higher Power, Christ. In our morning prayer, ask the Lord to be with us in the hours ahead.  Jesus said . . . “Without Me, you can do nothing.”

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. 72 years of faithful service of guiding His sheep! Your words touch heart & soul with every line you have ever written! Fr. George, on this beautiful day of Pentecost as we celebrate the birthday of the Church, we are so grateful to you and all priests…thankful for your work in leading us Home to Him. I am grateful everyday for His gift of meeting you at the MDW chapel on the very day of your ordination anniversary! Blessings, gratitude & love, Marianne

    Comment by mcs | May 15, 2016 | Reply

  2. Hi Fr George! Thank you for bringing these wonderful stories to light. One would never think that YOU had struggled in your life as a priest, yet here you are admitting that even you had not always put Jesus first. That is heartening to me, because sometimes I do say I’ll pray every day or I’ll always do this or that, but then these proclamations fall short and I think, why bother at all? I guess the humanness of our condition will always get in the way of these lofty goals – but the answer is NOT to never try but to keep trying – Jesus knows that we are apt to fail but he loves us anyway. Always keep trying!

    Thank you, dear friend, for constantly being my guide. I may not always get to comment on the blog when it is updated, but believe me, I always read it and let it resonate with me! What a treasure and a joy you are, my dear friend!

    Love you,

    Comment by nancywest22 | July 10, 2016 | Reply

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