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The Need For Mothers

Mary (O’Malley) McKenna I will always be my mother’s son.   Even though she entered Eternal Life over 50 years ago, she remains in my  thoughts and heart.

Mary (O’Malley) McKenna
I will always be my mother’s son. Even though she entered Eternal Life over 50 years ago, she remains in my
thoughts and heart.

The Louvre, in Paris, France, ranks among the top three outstanding Art Museums in the world. Its sprawling four story buildings cover many acres on the Left Bank of the Seine River, almost in sight of the Notre Dame (Our Lady) Cathedral.  Years ago, on my first visit to this treasure house of art, I discovered a number of galleries devoted entirely to paintings and sculpture works of Mary, the Mother of Christ.  In these large galleries and halls, reaching up to the height of forty feet, hung the works of artists of the last 1,000 years, who had tried to portray the beauty and holiness of Our Lady.

Among these, I saw one creative piece of art that gripped my heart. In a traditional setting, Mary sat on a chair, with her left arm wrapped around the Holy Child as He sat on her knee.  Then came the unusual twist to this work of art.  A dirty, ragged street child, a boy or a girl, it was hard to tell, knelt before her.  Our Lady, with a loving glance, had extended her right hand to touch the head of this youngster.

Mary was saying, “Yes, I love my Child Jesus, but I care as much for this child not loved by anyone. They are both precious to me.”  We, children of Mary, see ourselves in that dirty faced youngster.  As we kneel before our mother Mary, with all our weaknesses, her love warms our hearts.

One day, I saw a repeat of this painting in the loving actions of a young mother on the Metro in Paris. Across the aisle from me sat a mother with her little son and daughter, about four and five.  Suddenly, the little boy began striking his sister, then flung his well taped wire rimmed glasses on the seat and fell to the floor, screaming loudly.  Rush hour commuters jammed the aisles.

I will never forget the performance of the mother. No violent threats on her part.  She silently reached out her long, slender hand to her troubled son, with a look of gentle love.  Nothing more than that!  Shortly, the boy came to his mother for her embrace, an unforgettable experience of a mother’s love.

Even though we age with years, we remain children at heart. As children, we could scream out our frustrations and fears of the unknown.  As adults, we must conform to society’s standards and keep these hurts and fears bottled up within ourselves with much harm to our emotional life.  We need a mother to love, to approach and to confide in!  Our biological mothers may have departed this life.  Our Lady, our Mother in Christ, will always reach out her open arms to us, where we can find peace.

A Very Happy Mothers’ Day to ALL! God Bless

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Fr. McKenna, whatever the occasion, you rise to it and bring such a wonderful point of view. May God Bless you and your Mother on this Mother’s Day.

    Comment by Bartholomew Timm | May 7, 2016 | Reply

  2. This is great

    Comment by Mike McKenna | May 9, 2016 | Reply

  3. Hi Fr George! So good to read your beautiful post! Your mother must have been a wonderful woman, because you are a wonderful person and have a wonderful outlook and way. I missed my mother on Mother’s Day but she is in a better place and I have so many wonderful memories of her – so many that make me laugh when I re-tell them. She was a lot of fun and a wonderful mother. I hope that you got my message the other day. I love you, dear friend! Take care and know that you are also in my prayers so very often.


    Comment by nancywest22 | May 11, 2016 | Reply

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