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Be Kind To One Another

“Be the change you wish to see in the world,” Mahatma Gandhi with textile workers at Darwen, Lancashire, England, September 26, 1931, origin unknown, via wiki commons

“Be the change you wish to see in the world,” Mahatma Gandhi with textile workers at Darwen, Lancashire, England, September 26, 1931, origin unknown, via wiki commons

Before the days of my entry into the technical world of publishing, and establishing my Blog, my message was type written as a Bulletin for the Midway Airport Chapel, which I founded. I would create the Bulletins on my computer, and then bring my masters to the local Office Depot for printing.  On one such day, the usually cheerful clerk took them with a troubled, sad face.  Suddenly, tears started running down her cheeks.  “People are so rude”, she exclaimed.  Evidently, that morning a person or two had hurt her feelings with ill-chosen words or actions.

Unfortunately, as an employee of the store, the young clerk could not retaliate with her true feelings. Swallow the rudeness or lose one’s much needed job.  A single mother, raising two adolescent children, she had allowed herself to be the target of unloving people.

Rude people lack self-esteem with an attitude of anger and frustration towards life. Maybe, a childhood, empty of much true family love, had crippled their minds and hearts from offering respect to others.  They are crying out in their hearts for love while oftentimes trying to destroy the spirit of love in others.  Something cowardly in all this!

These troubled souls resent people with serene and cheerful ways. Sometimes, out of control, rude people will lash out with cutting words and angry looks to rob others of their happy appearances.  Service people are helpless to answer back and become prime targets for these predators of the heart.

The women traffic guards at Midway Airport would frequently tell me of the poor treatment they received from the public. It is not much different for others in the service industry – wait staff at restaurants, store clerks, order takers behind the counter at your favorite fast food place, nurses, aides, and receptionists – all seem to face the brunt of these rude people.  Courtesy, good manners and mutual respect should mark our present generation different from the Stone Age where brute force ruled.  Consider the words, “thanks”, and “please” as keys to another’s heart.

Start off the day with the thought, “I will do my best to help the people I meet today with a kind word, a compliment, a smile. Everyone crossing my path has a cross to bear, mostly hidden ones.  My kindness in word, deed or look may be a vital support to that person in carrying his cross for today.”

Be in love with ourselves so much that we want to share that love with others. Personally, at nightfall, the graciousness of others to me that day gives me hope to on living.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Dearest Fr. McKenna, thank you, once again for your words. I tell my students every day to be kind to everyone. It’s a simple, yet powerful, little word.

    Martha Martin

    Comment by Anonymous | April 17, 2016 | Reply

  2. Fr. George, your words bring grace & kindness to all…a “present” we open to share with everyone we meet…can you imagine the joy & light that would sweep across this world if each day the gift of kindness was extended as you describe! On this Good Shepherd Sunday…thank you for your work for Him, for us, His sheep! With gratitude & love, marianne

    Comment by mcs | April 17, 2016 | Reply

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