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The Generosity Of The Lord

The original image (circa 1934) painted according to the apparitions of St. Faustina by Eugene Kazimierowski. Now permanently enshrined at the Divine Mercy Sanctuary of Vilnius, Lithuania. Via Wikipedia

The original image (circa 1934) painted according to the apparitions of St. Faustina by Eugene Kazimierowski. Now permanently enshrined at the Divine Mercy Sanctuary of Vilnius, Lithuania. Via Wikipedia

A favorite story of mine tells of Roberto D’Vencensio, a world class golfer from Argentina who won more than 230 tournaments during his career. Many years ago, after winning a Major tournament  in the United States, a woman approached him with a request for $1,000 for a needed operation for her little boy.  Without hesitation, he wrote out a check for the amount.

The next day, his friends told him of the deception of the woman saying, “The little boy enjoys good health.” How did Roberto reply to this?  “The little boy is well!  Thank God!”  He rejoiced over the good health of the boy and had nothing to say about the deception of the woman.

He mirrored the greatness of the spirit of generosity of Jesus of Nazareth. This story has inspired me a hundred times over to continue to be generous, even after having been given many false stories of need.

In the Gospel story where Jesus feeds 5,000 men with the five loaves and two fish, twelve baskets full were left over after all had their fill. We can be certain that the bread was of excellent quality.  At the marriage feast at Cana, Christ changed water into wine, huge amounts of it.  The steward remarked to the bride and groom, “This wine is better than the first wine.”  Christ did this to save the day for the young couple.

All this tells us of the good heartedness of Jesus. All nature tells of the generosity of God, the beauty of the mountains, for instance.  On one of my trips overseas, I flew over the Swiss Alps, an incredible, inspiring, majestic view.  When St. Therese of Lisieux traveled through the Alps at the age of 15, she was so overwhelmed by God’s Goodness that she vowed to always to trust in Him.  God made the universe so attractive for us to live . . . the sunsets, the four seasons, the flowers.

Jesus of Nazareth, like His Father, has set us an example. Give and it will be given to us.  In the measure we give will the measure that will be given to us.  Stingy people never really live out life as it should be lived.  Roberto D’Vincensio had the right idea.  Be generous!  Generous people always seem to have enough money and happiness.  God will provide!  There are many ways to be generous, in thoughts, words and actions, not just in terms of money given.  Give, be generous, and remember the message of the today’s Feast of Divine Mercy – Trust in Jesus!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Hi to you, my dear friend! Thank you for this wonderful story – such unselfishness and genuine joy on the part of that golfer! I know that my initial reaction would not likely be one of joy for the good news – I would likely focus on the part of being scammed out of my money! I would like to be more like him, but I don’t know if I could truly do that!

    I also like the discussion about the beauty of our world – yes, that is so true! In my travels, and even in my daily life, I try to appreciate the physical world around me – the sky colors at sunrise as I travel across Puget Sound on my way to work, with the majestic Mt. Rainier in all of its glory! Or the glorious sunsets over the Olympic Mountains – but in simple ways too – the sounds of the birds, the sound of rain, the smell of the barn when I go horseback riding.

    The new buzzword of the day is being ‘mindful’ and mindfulness meditation – to connect with the here and now – and to do pretty much what you summed up so eloquently in your post above – to notice God’s glory in all that we see and hear and do… thank you for putting your wonderful touch on such an important topic!

    Love you, my dear friend – and you are in my prayers often!


    Comment by nancywest22 | April 3, 2016 | Reply

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