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Christ with St. Peter and the Disciples on the Sea of Galilee Lucas Gassel – via Wiki Commons

Christ with St. Peter and the Disciples on the Sea of Galilee
Lucas Gassel – via Wiki Commons

To have some definite word or thought to fall back on in times of personal distress could be a life saver. Today, I have such a word to propose to you.  This special suggestion could save you much painful stress and emotional crackup.

In sudden, unexpected troubled times, such as when I hear a harsh word being said, or a pain in my body forebodes some possible, serious illness, I frequently say this one word, “whatever”, with a feeling of resignation. The word itself may seem somewhat indifferent, but the full meaning of “whatever” is: “Whatever happens to me I can bear with the help of my Lord Jesus.”

However, by simply saying this one word, “whatever”, comes much confidence and ease in overcoming desperate, emotional crisis. Believe, me – this works.  I have tried this special word many times over the years.  Even to this day, when difficult circumstances show themselves: quickly and easily out comes the word, “whatever”, and a calmness and quietness of spirit come into my whole being.

Memorize the full sentence, so that you store that in the back of your mind. Then, the word, “whatever” will bring the full meaning back to you.  The baby spills the milk at the table; your older child breaks a valuable vase while playing football in the living room; your best friend hurts your feelings; your employer humiliates you in front of your co-workers.  When you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs, with your nerves at the breaking point; say immediately with feeling of resignation, “whatever”.  In your memory bank the complete prayer will be present: “Whatever happens to me I can bear with the help of my Lord Jesus.”

Be the cool person you want to be in the face of trouble.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. I need to remember this. Thank you Fr.McKenna..

    Comment by Jo williams | February 28, 2016 | Reply

  2. A “golden gem” of faith, especially for me in this moment…the perfect timing of the Holy Spirit! What a beautiful, calming prayer…I will “fly” through the days with this prayer on my heart! With gratitude & love, thank you Fr. George for your
    faith-filled guidance for us, the sheep! We are all so blessed by your priesthood! Marianne

    Comment by mcs | February 28, 2016 | Reply

  3. Thanks Fr. McKenna!

    Comment by Charles D. Smith | February 28, 2016 | Reply

  4. Thank you for this “whatever” suggestion.  At this time my granddaughter is in jail for the umtine time and is a heroine addict and I am the one who had her arrested for stealing from me and forgeing my  name to $750.00 check and my husband’s wedding ring.  I am so mixed up about this but I want her to stop stealing as she has done this repeatedly but I love her and fear she will kill herself on heroine.  I will be saying “whatever” a lot in the coming days . Please pray for Rachel and me. Thank you.  Arlene J ohnson Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Tablet

    Comment by Arlene Johnson | February 28, 2016 | Reply

  5. Thanks, Father George. I just printed it for Ray & me.

    Comment by Eileen | February 28, 2016 | Reply

  6. This is wonderful advice, but oh so hard to follow! We get so wrapped up in our anxieties and troubles, the last thing that we do is put our complete and unfailing trust in Jesus (at least that’s what I tend to do!) I find that I feel most at peace when I attend mass – it is a palpable feeling of calm that comes over me, especially during the preparation of communion. The prayers are so meaningful – and I find myself remembering the countless times that I attended mass with such casualness and just going thru the motions. Whether it is time (aging as I am) or gifts of the Holy Spirit, I now totally immerse myself in the mass and come away feeling so good! Thankfully, I have lived long enough to have this transformation take place within me – and thanks, in large part, to your influence on my spiritual life. You, dear friend, have helped me find my spark again! I was close to being a non-believer, and have now returned fully to the church!! What a blessing you are!

    I love you, Fr. George! Peace and love to you always!

    Comment by nancywest22 | March 7, 2016 | Reply

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