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Be A One Person Revolution For Love And Peace

Annibale Carracci The Baptism of Christ Via Wiki Commons

Annibale Carracci The Baptism of Christ
Via Wiki Commons

Twenty years ago, during Christmastime, I offered a funeral Mass for an elderly friend. His painful sickness of five years certainly brought him a quick entry to Heaven. With only sons and no daughters, and his wife in a nursing home, several daughters-in-law stepped in to help him through those five years. Call them surrogate daughters! In his last hours, my friend suddenly sat up in bed and cried out words, difficult to understand. Did he want ice? Good health? A reprieve from pain? NO! With much effort he got out his message, “I want a hug!” His daughters-in-law finished off their work of years of unselfish love for him with warm hugs.

Can we ever emphasize enough the power of a hug, an expression of love and concern? NO! In any language, the three most powerful words for good are “I Love You!” At home and in the family circle, the best gifts we can give come in expressions of love and gentleness. Material gifts soon disappear or are forgotten, but loving words and actions linger in minds for a lifetime. Determine to be a revolutionary for love and peace in our home.

Once, at a morning Mass for the school children, I told the boys and girls . . . “See the Lord as an Infant in your arms. Really, our Savior has no age. Carry Him about in your home as you do your little brothers and sisters. Talk to Him about your secret fears and worries. Especially, hug Him tightly and tell the Holy Child your love.” Many weeks later, the school secretary told me how much she enjoyed this idea and how she had done this in her own prayer life with much profit to happiness.

During the coming year, why can’t we do the same? Are not we adults, children at heart? Our Messiah, as an Infant, is no different than Our Savior on the Cross. Find much joy in holding the Christ Child close in our arms, so innocent and helpless. In this cold world, He wants our hugs and tenderness. How quickly the Child of Mary could win over our hearts and help us proclaim a reign of love and peace in our homes.

In the coming year, we can be channels of God’s peace in our family circle by expressing our feelings with words like . . . “Have I told you today how much I love you?, I love you more than I can say, Thanks for all the good things you do for me.” Enjoy 2016 – the best year ever!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Oh Father George, this story may be my favorite yet ! What a powerful message that I sure needed to hear. May this new year bless you with much happiness and love. You are the best ! Thanks for continuing to reach out to so many with your beautiful words.
    love always,
    Kathy Kearney Graham

    Comment by Kathy Graham | January 9, 2016 | Reply

  2. Thank you Father for all you have done for so many for so long. We Love You!
    A blessed and happy 2016 to you!

    Comment by Anonymous | January 10, 2016 | Reply

  3. Happy New year father, As always you are spot on! I recently returned from a trip to my daughters,I noticed my grandson who is graduating from high sch very defensive not combative but not showing much love (except to me)
    I talked to God about it on my way back and he has answered me again with your words, I immediately texed him after reading your blog, telling him that if he didn’t feel like he had someone to talk to a good alternative was to imagine the Christ child in his arms and tell of any troubles or triumphs. God has worked through you in so many ways, for so many years!! I am truly grateful!

    Comment by Anonymous | January 10, 2016 | Reply

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