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I Dare You

The Annunciation, by Francesco Albani via Wikipedia

The Annunciation, by Francesco Albani
via Wikipedia

When I was a youngster, I heard often the words, “I dare you”, from my companions. A boy would say to me, “I dare you to walk on top of that high fence.”  The words came as a challenge to my courage and willingness to take a risk.  I often tried dangerous stunts to show the other boys that I wasn’t a sissy.

I offer the same kind of dare to the readers of these lines, “I dare you to bring the Holy Spirit into a prominent place in your everyday living for the rest of Advent and throughout Christmastime.” As you live your life with its ups and downs, make the Spirit of God a close, sharing partner.  In accepting this “dare”, you will face no danger or loss, except in the fact that you might find yourself an extremely different person in the weeks ahead.

Perhaps these following situations make up a part of your life: You notice a weakness in your character, maybe an unloving way of acting or thinking. Depression or low spirits have a firm grip on your attitudes toward life.  Family problems may be surfacing; your children show a need for help.  You never seem to have enough strength to put these worries out of your mind; fear controls your life. 

Share with the Spirit, your strong desire to conquer these weaknesses. Turn to the Holy Spirit with much faith.  Share in a joyful way your hopes about all the happenings of your days.  Picture the Spirit as a young, friendly Person, most willing to use His power for your benefit.  Speak softly, “Spirit of God, help me!”  In quiet, simple ways, the Spirit of Love will touch your life and bring solace, peace and guidance to your heart.

Remember, the big part of the dare is the need to invest a strong faith in this ever-present Person, day after day. I have done this many times in my life, and each time, many surprises have come my way to make my life more joyful and successful.  I used these words often: “Spirit of God, help me.”

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Hi Fr. George! Still catching up on your blog posts – the holidays just got the best of me, even though I know they are coming every year, it still seems to all come down to the last month and I am so busy. But, I am enjoying your posts this month, and this one is exceptional! (but really, they ALL are!) Thank you for shepherding us through this blog! We need you and your words of wisdom!

    I feel that I have had many Holy Spirit moments! Things that happen to me that are so coincidental, that I feel that it is more than coincidence. Especially meeting you! Thank you for pointing out that the Holy Spirit is there for us, and leading us – if we open ourselves up to the messages.

    Recently, my parish priest gave me some good advice… there is a person, in my life, who has hurt me… and when I think of them or see them, I feel anger, sometimes even rage. And, as a Catholic, that bothers me… and so my priest gave me this advice: when I feel these feelings coming up, to say a prayer. And I have been transformed by this… now I say, “Jesus, heal my heart.” And, just like that, my feelings are dispersed. I hope to get to the point where I just feel healed, and do not have to say that prayer in reaction to the negative feelings. With time, with time.

    I love you, dear friend! You are SO special to me. God Blessed me richly when he brought you into my life!


    Comment by Nancy Kolember Westvang | January 7, 2016 | Reply

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