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Sincerely Love Yourself

Grace, my second Great Grand Niece, tenderly holds her Great Grand Mother’s finger.  We all started off in the same place in our lives. Life is precious and a gift and we can’t let ourselves get so mad or depressed that we forget that. Everyone is important to someone.

Grace, my second Great Grand Niece, tenderly holds her Great Grand Mother’s finger. We all started off in the same place in our lives. Life is precious and a gift and we can’t let ourselves get so mad or depressed that we forget that. Everyone is important to someone.

This past month we had another terrible tragedy; the mass shooting in Oregon filled our lives with the horrors of death, and the stories of courage, love and compassion that came from it. It seems that year after year we read of the tragic deaths of men and women who are fed up with life.  They have reached the end of the ropes; their hearts are filled with self-loathing, hatred and anger.  They may take the lives of others and then in a final act of despair, take their own lives.

This spirit of self-hatred has to be the Number 1 spiritual disease in our nation, driving people of all ages to give up on life. All of us find the seeds of this deadly disease in our own lives to some degree.  Now and then we hate what we see in ourselves and fall out of love with life by being depressed and bitter towards all close to us.  How often we put ourselves down as being of little value.  We can trace most of our unhappy moments back to this self-hatred.

The sure cure is found in appreciating yourself as a lovable and a loving person. No matter what mistakes you have made or what failures you have endured, you are still of precious value.  Say often each day, possibly as you look in the mirror: “I love you.  You are a great person.  I care tremendously for you.”  Remind yourself of the many good things you have done in the past.  Think of your special gifts and talents; each one has these.

You will be astonished how this sincere respect for yourself will bring instant results. A new peace of heart, a renewed spirit of confidence, along with a strong desire to reach out to others will come into your life.  Do you have members of your family in a state of minor depression?  Keep telling them how lovable they are, how special their gifts are!  You will see a change.

When correcting faults of children, be sure to isolate the fault from the person of the child. Condemn the fault, but not the person behind the fault.  Believe me, each one of us is simply great – without exception!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Thanks Fr McKenna!

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    Comment by Charles D. Smith | October 31, 2015 | Reply

  2. Thank you again Father for your encouraging words. I have recently had to face a sad fact, that my granddaughter who is an heroin addict came to visit me and before leaving she stole my check book and my husband’s wedding ring. We got a letter yesterday from a Check cashing service saying we owe them $750 because she used a check for that amount and signed my name on it. I am heart sick right now that she thought so little of my husband and me. We had to file a police report and they are putting detectives on to find her. It is a felony and she will be sent back to prison again. That’s the part that makes me really sick. Please pray that I can find peace with this situation, I am the one who got your book at that restaurant in Orland Park. I have loaned it to two of my girl friends and they thanked me as they truly enjoyed reading it.

    Comment by Arlene Johnson | October 31, 2015 | Reply

  3. Hi Fr. George (yep, I am catching up on my replies again!)

    Thank you for this writing. Yes the shootings and the killings – they are just so hard to take. I could get all ‘political’ here but I know this is not the venue for that. It is just so disheartening to hear of story after story. And here in WA, the great grandson who kidnapped his great grandma and planned to kill her by setting the car on fire. Luckily she was able to get out of the trunk when they stopped in Oregon at a Walmart. What is this world coming to???

    Seeing your new great-grandniece (congratulations!) – I wanted to share that I am a great aunt again – my nephew’s girlfriend had her baby – a boy. Its hard to keep track of all the little ones. I’m sure that when we were little kids, my great aunts and uncles felt the same way. The circle of life keeps rolling!

    And, in regard to your writing above, yes, I too have been victim of self-hatred and loathing – too many times to count. But, I am enjoying reading a wonderful book (Jesus Calling) and in it, (it is written with Jesus talking in the first person), the message over and over is one of us readers being lovable, special and that God always loves us, no matter what. It is a very uplifting book and I highly recommend it. We just have to keep trying each day to remember that God loves us and we are worthy of that love.

    I am praying for you often, my dear friend. May our dear Lord bless you and keep you safely in his care.

    Love you!


    Comment by Nancy Kolember Westvang | November 7, 2015 | Reply

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