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The Silence Of God

St. John the Baptist Preaching, c. 1665, by Cavaliere Calabrese, Via Wikipedia

St. John the Baptist Preaching, c. 1665,
by Cavaliere Calabrese, Via Wikipedia

Jesus said, “No man ever born was greater than John the Baptist.” One happening in the exciting Life of the Baptist has always inspired me to persevere in prayer.  John, the ever courageous preacher and forerunner of Jesus, the Messiah, his cousin, rebuked King Herod for his loose way of life.  The King, then threw the Baptist into a dirty dungeon in his summer palace, close to the Dead Sea.

For six months, John made no efforts to contact Jesus, a new powerful voice coming on the scene, except for one occasion. He sent a message to Christ to ask Him if he were the Messiah to come.  Notice, the Baptist, the prisoner, made no pleas for deliverance from his sad state.

From this attitude of John’s, I drew much inspiration. He bore the silence of Jesus without complaint or hard feelings.  From reports, he knew that Christ was aware of his imprisonment.  One day, the executioner came to take his head and John humbly submitted.

 The awful silence of God.  How often I have prayed and told God all my needs. . . Please take away this sickness. . . Release me from this prison of darkness of spirit. . . Help me to keep love in my heart amidst these cold living conditions. . . I never seem to have peace in my life. . .  Only, silence from God greeted most of these pleadings.

I knew He heard me and had power to release me from the many dungeons in which I found myself. Then, my faith faced a challenge.  “God doesn’t care about me.”  Fortunately, the example of the Baptist came to mind, his quiet acceptance of Christ’s silence during his six month imprisonment.  I continued to prayer with complete peace of heart.

In the past, the survivors of the Jewish Holocaust experienced the Silence of God in the heart breaking killings of millions of their fellow Jews by the Nazis. These men and women still ask, “Where was God while all these dastardly things were taking place?”  We can only say, “God’s silence remains a mystery known only to God.”

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Dear Father George, thank you for this food doe my soul. I needed this today, life can be hard. I first learned where to find peace from my grand mother Mary O’Malley (your aunt) . Claire’s daughter suffers from mental illness like my aunt Annie did. It’s difficult, your bulletin gives me much peace. Mary O’Malley would say “God ways are not our ways’. And also “we all have our own cross to carry”. God bless you Father George, thank you for the bulletins.

    ps. Do you remember your auntie, & her family–Annie, Sister Prisca, Sister Brenda, Helen & her 3 kids, (Claire, Toody & Boyboy).? You helped & inspired us all !!

    Comment by Toody Parker | October 26, 2015 | Reply

  2. Hi Fr. George! Thank you for yet another wonderfully poignant post! I’m sure that we all, or those who are believers, have asked that question. I often think of the victims of hurricane Katrina – and especially the residents of a nursing home, who drowned in the storm surge. How could God have forsaken those elderly people? Or the millions of other victims of violence, disease and the like. It is a mystery. And those people who use prayer much like a magic eight ball – praying for the money to buy special red shoes (I recently heard this)… I guess God might care about whether a person can afford a favorite pair of shoes, but it seemed pretty trivial to me. With age and with your help, I have gotten smarter about prayer life and suffering. And that is SO true, we do not understand what God has in store for us. But, we have to accept always what His Will is for us – but, as humans, we do try to pray for the good outcomes or results that we want.

    I am SO grateful to God for introducing you to me at a time when my life and spirits were so low, and I was so removed from the church and the sacraments of reconciliation and the Eucharist. I pray for you daily my friend, and I miss you terribly. Love you, Fr. George! May God Bless you every day and keep you in His care.


    Comment by Nancy Kolember Westvang | October 26, 2015 | Reply

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