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Do You Believe In Jesus Christ?

Blessed Teresa of Kolkata Photo by Manfred Ferrari, 2003 via Wikipedia

Blessed Teresa of Kolkata
Photo by Manfred Ferrari, 2003 via Wikipedia

Some years ago, at a Congressional Prayer Breakfast, a man, in a wheelchair, approached the microphone. In former years, this man, a former member of the United States Senate, had been a dynamic orator on the Senate Floor.  Now, sidelined with a brain tumor, he spoke these words in a husky voice:

“There are only two important questions . . . First, do you believe in Jesus Christ? And secondly, How has this belief in Jesus Christ affected your life?”

All Christians easily say, “I believe in Jesus Christ.” But, many find it difficult to carry through on the second question by carrying out the ideals of Christ.  Why?  Because they have a false image of Jesus of Nazareth.

Too often, they picture Christ as one with a sweet, unending smile, patting children on the head, strolling along with an unflappable and unshakable serenity. Too many see Him as an elitist.  Isn’t He the Son of God with all things done for Him by His Father?  As many Christians look into their lives, they experience a far different picture . . . worries, disappointments, fears.  They cannot relate to this image of Christ.

The Scripture scholars give us a true, appealing Life of Our Lord. They show us a Man continually frustrated with His disciples.  “How often do I have to tell you?”  Christ was oftentimes sad, even depressed, anxious, scared.  Despite all these human limitations, He left with us, His followers, a Life of the highest ideals:  one of humility, courage, love and prayerfulness.

When I look back over my long life, I discover that sadness, fears, worries and frustrations (Why didn’t God give me more talents and good health so that I could convert the world?) occupied most of my days. In prayer, I found it easy to relate to this true image of the Lord.  His good example of high ideals made me want to imitate them, despite all my low spirits and many failures in my ministry as a priest.

Even Mother Teresa of Calcutta struggled with her relationship with God. She shocked the Christian world through her letters, revealing that, in all her wonderful works of charity, she felt God had deserted her.  She lived continually in a state of darkness while everyone thought she was enjoying perfect peace of heart.  She lived out the ideals of Christ.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Thank for sharing, caring, challenging all, and your life work.

    Comment by Tom Dubrick | October 17, 2015 | Reply

  2. Thank you for “Do you believe in Jesus Christ” I look forward to your bulletins

    Comment by Joe Harrington | October 18, 2015 | Reply

  3. Hi Fr. George! I’m sorry I have not been responding much lately. I’m thinking of you daily and praying for you often. Thank you for always being there for us! This is a beautiful post, because I think we DO think of Jesus as, well, God, and how could he ever know what it is like for us every day people. But, he was human and he did have thoughts and feelings like we do. I was lacking in faith for many years and, thanks to YOU and to my mother, I found my way back and have embraced my faith much more fully and it is so important to me. I was just thinking yesterday, how hard it is to be a person, and interact with people. Someone disappointed me recently and it made me really sad. Life with people can be difficult. But, I moved on and we had a nice evening last night, having our monthly pinochle club over at our house for some fun pinochle playing.

    I had a dear friend here from Michigan for a week (10/10-10/17) and we had SUCH a wonderful visit. She was my instructor in graduate school so we’ve known each other many years. Tim took a day off and drove us up to Mt. Rainier on a beautiful sunny day. Spectacular nature and views. But sad, too, as a river that is usually full, fast and roaring, was barely a trickle. Disturbing to see it that dry. We had a very dry summer and, even though our fall has been beautiful, it is also much too dry. Hopefully we’ll have a wetter November – that is usually our wettest month.

    I will be writing you a letter and sending it in the mail – something to tell you that is a great Holy Spirit story! Love you, my dear friend, looking forward to reading thru your other messages today to catch up!


    Comment by Nancy Kolember Westvang | October 25, 2015 | Reply

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