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Choose Love – Choose Life

Saint Peter and Saint John Run to the Sepulchre By James Tissot – Via Wikipedia

Saint Peter and Saint John Run to the Sepulchre
By James Tissot – Via Wikipedia

Learn carefully the rules for loving! We love, not to receive love in return. Rather, we love because we know the value of loving. At times, we will receive the cold shoulder in our efforts to love. Be stout-hearted! Accept ingratitude, indifference and at times, scorn. This treatment will not hold you back from becoming a great-hearted, loving person.

Another good rule: No need to look for perfection in the actions of those about you. Few people are perfect. When your friends and others see that you are not jumping on them for their peculiarities of personality, they will feel freer in your presence. Your friendships will have a depth and a high degree of enjoyment.

How do we describe love? Kindness, gentleness, patience, generosity, care, concern, long-suffering, compassion, forgiveness.

The choice is yours: Choose Love – Choose Life!


Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Always. When we have eternal life and find our identity within Christ, we can’t help but love!

    Comment by Dylan Raines | August 29, 2015 | Reply

  2. Your loved filled wisdom and faith teaches us everyday! Thank you Fr. George! Blessings & Gratitude! Marianne

    Comment by mcs | August 31, 2015 | Reply

  3. Hi Fr. George! Such busy times lately, sorry that I haven’t written to you until now. I was at my niece’s wedding in PA. A lovely wedding and beautiful state, I’ve only driven thru it. And then back home and worked all week. Finally a moment to get on my home computer and check emails. I enjoyed your meaningful post! And, so timely, with witnessing a beautiful expression of love between my niece and her fiancé. They had asked me to do a reading and I sent several that were written by famous people and then I sent one that I had written and they chose mine that I wrote. I was touched! Marriage is such a great reminder of loving someone else and also maintaining who you each are as individuals. Tim was not able to travel with me and it was probably a good thing because there were strong storms – some wind gusts up in the 60-70 mph range! Of course we lost power for nearly a day, but some people lost it for 3 days or longer so we were pretty lucky.

    And now we are in autumn-like weather, cooler days, darker early, and rain. We definitely needed that and are still in a drought but we should catch up as summer ends. And football weather! Tim likes watching both college and NFL football. I’m teaching another palliative care and end-of-life nursing course this month to our cancer care nurses. Lots of work to get ready for it. And just reviewed the flu vaccine program for 44 contract nurses. Flu is very complex! Lots of choices. You should get your flu shot soon and ask your doctor about the ‘high dose’ flu vaccine for people over 65. (see? free health advice! 🙂

    Well, will hope to see another post from you soon! Think of you often and praying for you daily. I love you, Fr. George. Stay safe and healthy.


    Comment by Nancy Kolember Westvang | September 4, 2015 | Reply

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