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Choose Love – Choose Life

Saint Peter and Saint John Run to the Sepulchre By James Tissot – Via Wikipedia

Saint Peter and Saint John Run to the Sepulchre
By James Tissot – Via Wikipedia

Learn carefully the rules for loving! We love, not to receive love in return. Rather, we love because we know the value of loving. At times, we will receive the cold shoulder in our efforts to love. Be stout-hearted! Accept ingratitude, indifference and at times, scorn. This treatment will not hold you back from becoming a great-hearted, loving person.

Another good rule: No need to look for perfection in the actions of those about you. Few people are perfect. When your friends and others see that you are not jumping on them for their peculiarities of personality, they will feel freer in your presence. Your friendships will have a depth and a high degree of enjoyment.

How do we describe love? Kindness, gentleness, patience, generosity, care, concern, long-suffering, compassion, forgiveness.

The choice is yours: Choose Love – Choose Life!


Fr. George Mc Kenna

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Is Jesus Truly A Prophet For You?

A replica of Magellan's Nao Victoria, the first vessel to circumnavigate the planet – via Wikipedia

A replica of Magellan’s Nao Victoria, the first vessel to circumnavigate the planet – via Wikipedia

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston believed in his own powers to survive a round-the-world trip on his sailing ketch in 1969. Alone on this 44 foot long boat, the “Suhaili”, Robin sailed for 310 days through every imaginable kind of weather to fulfill his dream of circling the globe. His belief in himself along with his powers to endure hardships brought him home successfully with memories to be enjoyed the rest of his life.

Would that we had such faith in the Jesus of the Gospels! To believe strongly in Jesus of Nazareth brings out qualities of greatness within ourselves, an unknown strength we never before imagined. Like Robin Knox-Johnston in the adventured just narrated, we can face dangers and hair-raising happenings with coolness and a laugh on our lips.

Believe, believe, believe. So easy to say. Our belief in the Lord weakens as we leave the Church for another week in the marketplace. We have to think of Christ every day and make Him an intimate part of our life, otherwise He becomes just another name on our lips.

Believe wholeheartedly that Jesus is the Prophet, the living Flame that gives light to your life. “Jesus of Nazareth, I have faith in You.” By keeping His Name alive on our lips and in our hearts prevents Him from falling into the backstage of our everyday life.

Knox-Johnston struggled through storms of up to 120 miles an hour, back-breaking labor, hunger, thirst, loneliness because he had faith in himself. Have faith in the Great Prophet, the Humble Jesus of Nazareth. Do this and you will live memories equal to those of Knox-Johnston. You will recall storms, dangers endured, struggles made for high principles. Be sure to take part in this mind-boggling adventure in which you experience happenings you never thought possible before.

Happy Sailing!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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