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The Feast Of The Divine Mercy

Sister Faustina, Via Wikimedia Commons

Sister Faustina,
Via Wikimedia Commons

What a fantastic story we have in the life of Helena Kowalska.  Born in 1905, in a small town in Poland, the third of ten children, Helena entered the religious order of Our Lady of Mercy at the age of twenty, after being turned down by a number of other orders.  For her religious title, Helena took the name, Sister Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament.  Because of her poor health, her superiors gave her menial jobs about the convent, doorkeeper, cooking, and gardening.  Here in Krakow, Poland, this humble, sickly woman delighted to live in the atmosphere of prayer and peace, little realizing what the future held for her. . . A Surprise from God!

In 1931, the Lord began to appear to Sister Faustina, telling her that He wished her to spread the message of His Divine Mercy to the world.  These frequent visits continued until her death, in 1938, from tuberculosis.  Fortunately, Sister Faustina kept a Diary of the Lord’s messages, a journal that would come to 600 pages.  In April, 1993, Pope John Paul II beatified Sister Faustina, thus giving the complete approval of the Church to all these happenings in her short life.

I used to associate just one meaning to the word, “mercy”, namely “forgiveness.”  However, since her beatification, “mercy” has come to embrace all words connected with love in action, such as healing, curing, raising others from their miseries, encouraging others in their depressions, and concern for others.  This realization has uplifted my life tremendously!  When I call Jesus the Lord of Mercy, I just don’t think of forgiveness, but also of all those loving actions I just mentioned.  As he often told Sister Faustina, He wants to be this Loving Person to each one of us. . . “Tell my people to come to Me with complete Trust.”

Sister Faustina proposed a simple plan for us to follow out in giving respect and devotion to Our Lord of Divine Mercy. . . The ABC schema. . . This has helped me in keeping this wonderful story uppermost in my thoughts.

Ask for Mercy.  Go frequently to the Lord and beg for an outpouring of His loving actions into our lives.  Desire Greatly!

Be Merciful.  Bring a blazing spirit of love into our thoughts, words and actions.  Determine to look upon all whom we meet as friends of the Lord of Divine Mercy.  Treat all with respect and love.

Completely Trust.  The more we hope the Lord will give us the gifts we ask for, the more surely they will come to us.  If I bring a small water glass of trust to the Fountain of Mercy that amount only will I receive.  If I bring a big bucket of trust, imagine how much more I will obtain!

Fr. George McKenna

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  1. Still like looking at your words,I switch my printer on to record many of them so I can reread and get them in my poor brain and put them into practise,thank you . Knocking on a bit myself now I was78 on Easter Sunday a double special day. Mary mother of Jesus please be a mother to Fr George Mckenna now.

    Comment by Joe Harrington | April 12, 2015 | Reply

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