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Stay With Us Lord, It Is Evening

Supper at Emmaus with Candlelight Matthias Stom

Supper at Emmaus with Candlelight
Matthias Stom

In January, 1993, I walked down to the Damascus Gate, one of the five gates in the walls surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem, and took a jitney minivan to Emmaus.  Emmaus lies just seven miles outside of Jerusalem to the north, a holy place because there on the first Easter Sunday morning, the Risen Christ met two discouraged disciples running away from Jerusalem.

This whole incident at Emmaus has always had a favored place in my heart, maybe, because I can closely associate with the low spirits of the disciples.  I offered Mass that morning in the modern Church with much peace and joy.

The complete stillness of the country place, the memory of how Christ sat there with the two troubled followers to lift their flagging spirits, the realization of the Presence of this same Lord on the altar before me gave me a consoling happiness.

After Mass, the Franciscan priest and I sat down in the refectory and had hot milk mixed with thin broken cookies, a perfect collation to drive away the cold dampness in my body.

These days, we have many fearful happenings tearing away at the fabric of the Church and placing troubling doubts in our minds.  Is the Risen Lord truly present with us?  Is His grace and help sufficient for us against the powers of the Devil?

I personally recall the incident at Emmaus to bring new faith and hope into my life in Christ.  The two disciples, on the road, recalled the sad story of Judas and his betrayal of the Master.  How could this happen if Jesus was really the Messiah?

At this Easter Time, the Risen Christ visits us as he did Cleopas and his companion.  Our doubts are replaced with joy!  “Stay with us, Lord, it is evening”, we cry out to Him.  Open our eyes in faith and allow the Lord to fill our hearts with fresh courage for the days ahead.  Alleluia, Jesus Christ is Resen Today!

A Happy and Joyous Easter to All!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Thank you Father. May you enjoy a very Happy and Blessed Easter.

    Comment by barttimm | April 4, 2015 | Reply

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