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Sermon on the Mount   by  Carl Bloch

Sermon on the Mount by Carl Bloch

Every week, TV news reports a death of a notable person, citing his/her accomplishments.  A most recent report mentioned that this deceased man had written 80 books and 8,000 newspaper columns.  A week later, we heart nothing further of him.  Forgotten and gone.

Jesus of Nazareth died a criminal’s death 2,000 years ago.  Still, today, a billion of His followers mention His Name with reverence and love.  Every time I would go to the library, I would choose a book on his life from the hundreds available.  I wanted to know as much as I could about this remarkable person.  After reading about His exploits for all these years, I have only scratched the surface of His Life.

Some years ago, a friend of mine, Jeanne, in her middle 30’s told me how, suddenly, as never before, she saw the attractiveness of Jesus of Nazareth.  She began to give time to the people in her Parish with a hope that she could set afire a love in their hearts for This Christ.

Young women of her age began to group around her.  They saw how this new found love of Christ had changed her life, bringing Jeanne a joy and happiness they were not experiencing.  Several years afterward, a terminal illness struck Jeanne.  She died in peace, only after making her life a thrilling example of what happiness can come from being a follower of Christ.  People wept deeply at her Funeral Mass.

Have we ever turned on the radio, only to hear the last bars of a favorite piece of music, maybe, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony?  We cry out, “Oh, if I had only turned the radio on sooner, I could have heard my special music in its entirety.”  Too Late.

So, too, we may be on our death bed and suddenly, we have a vision of the Greatness and the Beauty of the Life of the young Rabbi from Nazareth as never before.  We see, with heartbreak, what we have been missing in life.  We sob, “Oh, if I had only experienced this earlier in life.”

Accept Christ’s loving invitation, “Follow Me.”  Try to realize that in taking this offer to heart, a peace and happiness will come, beyond all our belief.  Refuse to say . . . “I am not worthy.”  Isaiah, Paul and Peter said that.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Hi Fr. George! SO nice to ‘hear’ from you again this week! What a great story to read this morning. Again, the perspective that you bring us just amazes me – things that I don’t think of or realize. Yes, I too, was so far from Jesus and yet, he patiently waited for me to return. I give thanks to YOU for bringing me back to Jesus before I would have died without coming back to the Church. Now, daily rosary, prayers, and readings (or nearly daily) make me feel so close to our Lord – really, thanks to you and my mother!

    We are fine here – enjoying unbelievable spring-like weather (66 in January!) – enjoying my riding lessons on my trainer horse, Buddy – a patient 20 y/o quarter horse. Was also able to wash cars outside and go riding without a jacket this past week. Rain and cooler temps are coming back tomorrow.

    And, we are anxiously awaiting our Seattle Seahawks return to the Super Bowl tomorrow. I loved how Russell Wilson (the QB) knelt down with several other players after the amazing comeback win (the Seahawks achieved an unbelievable 15 points in 44 seconds!!) and prayed thanksgiving to his heavenly Father and you could hear him say God is Good. He is a marvelous person – he goes to the Seattle Children’s hospital every Tuesday. Anyway, we are rooting for the Seahawks!

    I hope that you are feeling better these days and I want you to know that I continue to pray for you daily – and am SO thankful to read each of your blog posts!

    Take care and stay warm – hearing a winter weather advisory for your area today!

    Love you!

    Comment by nancywest22 | January 31, 2015 | Reply

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