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Faith Lights Up The Glory Road

The Golgotha Crucifix topping the smaller dome of the church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem Michael Hammers Studios

The Golgotha Crucifix topping the smaller dome of the church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem
Michael Hammers Studios

Some years ago, I had an unusual experience in the Holy City of Jerusalem.  The Old City rests on the side of a mountain, with the result that all the streets go up or down, with no level ones.  One morning, on coming out of the Franciscan Hospice, my residence, about 5:00am, I planned to walk to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.  I was to offer Mass on Mt. Calvary, in this ancient Shrine (built by St. Helena around the year 300 A.D.

I stepped out into the complete darkness.  Heavy clouds covered the moon.  The street lights were turned off.  I couldn’t see my hands in front of me.  Since I had often walked this downhill street, about a block long, with its seven turns, I started off to the Church.  The narrow road, about 30 feet wide, had walls rising up on both sides.  I kept my hand on the side wall as I cautiously put my foot ahead of me to catch the beginning of the next step.  I made it safely through the seven turns, although the last step almost did me in, a fearful journey.

The next morning, the same conditions prevailed.  This time I had a small pencil shaped flashlight.  Its little beam of light aimed at my feet brought me quickly to Holy Sepulcher Church.  What a difference the light made!  I couldn’t see down the street.  I just had enough light to take the next step!

We can compare this walk above to our daily journey in life.  The light is the gift of Faith we receive in Baptism.  As we experience the darkness of our walk on the Glory Road, faith in God helps us to avoid injuries, dangerous spills and despair.  Faith lights up the twists and turns.    We believe in the presence of the Lord, His Constant Love abiding with us.  With no Faith, people move along in hellish darkness, exposed to all kinds of miseries.

  Sometimes, this walk takes me to my personal Hill of Calvary.  There, I am nailed to my own cross of suffering.  By the light of my Faith, I believe Jesus promises to support me, to be at my side, at times carrying me on His Back.  Jesus did not promise to shield us from these painful experiences.  The Glory Road is unmapped, at times bringing us to places we never expected to go!  At times, everything there will not be wonderful!

Pity the people without Faith!  The Pharisees were blind to Christ’s Love.  They did not walk as children of light.  Indeed, they rejected Christ, the Light of the World, thus sealing their self-destruction.  Faith is believing that the Lord is in Sovereign Control, that He will never desert us in our pain.

One Pastor prayed for a good position in some growing Church where people would like him and his family.  His Glory Road led him to “Smokey Mountain”, a garbage dump outside a big City in the Philippine Islands.  He and his children scavenge for food, along with 20,000 others.  Christ is there with him!  So, he delights in it!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Dear Fr McKenna,

    Do so much enjoy your God Is Good posts, your messages always give me hope and an encouraging way of living each day. Thank you! I am a friend of Deacon Ed DeLorenzo, we are in the same parish. Also a friend of Pat Weidinger (Halla) we worked at Sears together before she was went into the convent. We go back a long time ago. They both love you and speak so well of you and I join with them in caring for you. Thank you for all. Dorothy Burkard

    Comment by nickndorburk@aol.com | January 17, 2015 | Reply

  2. Hi Fr. George! I just wrote a long post reply to you and then it said unable to post comment… arrrgh! so I wrote above the ‘test’ post. well, as I am pressed for time now, I will say that I loved this story and your analogy of the flashlight with us being guided by faith! You are wonderful and I am looking forward to coming to see you, if possible over the Easter holiday – I will be in the area for ten days! And, my dear friend who reads one of your stories every AM for inspiration, she had great news that instead of colon cancer tumor growth (which they have been monitoring her for the past year) she has had no growth again and the doctors are now estimating her lifespan to be 4-5 years instead of 2 years! Her faith is SO strong and she always comments on how things are in God’s hands – without hesitation! Her faith is strong and she inspired me! Hope you are feeling good these days and hope that you feel peaceful and loved!


    Comment by nancywest22 | January 23, 2015 | Reply

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