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Let There Be Peace In Our Hearts

Portrait of Saint John Eudes, 1673 via Wikipedia

Portrait of Saint John Eudes, 1673
via Wikipedia

At the last supper, Jesus meant all the words he spoke.  His time was running out.  “My peace I give you.  My peace I leave with you!”  He wanted us in the 21st Century to have this last precious gift.  Today, we can ask ourselves, “Why do we have so little peace in our hearts.  So little laughter on our lips, so serious minded, our nerves on edge?”  We jump when a door slams.  We appear to be waiting always for a second shoe to drop.  Life has become a drudgery, a marathon of endurance, rather thant the glorious adventure Christ meant it to be.

We can explore that question . . . why so little peace.  A while ago, I stood at the Great Wall that the Jewish nation built between itself and the Palestine people in the Holy Land.  The Wall, some 30 feet high, extends through the length of Israel.  In my case, where I stood, the Wall separated me from Bethlehem where the Prince of Peace was born.

When we lack peace, we have built a Wall around our hearts that keeps us from the Prince of Peace.  Fear of the future, stressful worry about the day’s challenges and resentment of others’ treatment toward us make up the material of this forbidding wall . . . all self-made.

I propose three little points that have helped me bring a measure of serenity to my daily life.  When I rise in the morning, I sit on the edge of my bed and talk to myself . . . all this takes less than a minute.  First, I surrender my life to God.  “I accept whatever death and suffering You have in store for me.  Take me home today, if You wish.”

Then I go on to say, “I accept the happenings of today, failures, humiliations, poor health.”  Yesterday, I was not feeling well, I kept saying, “I accept, I accept.”  Peace stayed with me.

Finally, to heal my heart of grudges, I wish all blessings on people not in my loving thoughts . . . good health, peace of heart, success in their work.  A quick start like this in the morning can work wonders in our attitude towards life and its unpredictable happenings.  Life will become a romance, a love affair.

That wall keeping us from the Prince of Peace will come tumbling down.  Persevere in that moment of prayer in the morning.  It worked wonders for me.  Peace be with all of us!


Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Hi Fr. George!

    Again, simple but so profound! How we have learned to live by your words with this blog! You are such a gift to us! I will definitely share this on Facebook for my friends and family to see. I will write this down and put it where I can see it to remind me of this wonderful advice! I hope that you are feeling better. I think of you so often and pray for you daily. I am coming into town for Easter – I hope to see you then, even briefly! I love you, Fr. George! You are such a wonderful priest and person! How lucky for me that I met you at Midway Airport Chapel! But it wasn’t luck – God knew that I needed to meet you and the Holy Spirit worked in me that day! God Bless You!!


    Comment by nancywest22 | January 10, 2015 | Reply

  2. Hope you are feeling better today, Father. Thank you for your continued comments – they are always a blessing in my life.

    Comment by barttimm | January 10, 2015 | Reply

  3. Such good words to follow in our lives. God always Bless you for leading us to Him!

    Comment by Anonymous | January 10, 2015 | Reply

  4. With every word Fr. George you teach us to live and love with great faith in Him…all the days of our lives!
    Our love and prayers are always with you! Thank you forever Fr. George! Marianne

    Comment by mcs | January 13, 2015 | Reply

  5. What a wonderful way to start the day, Your key words, surrender and accept, if we could do this daily we would always have the door open for the peace that only Christ can bring, your such a blessing, such an inspiration always in Christ’s name…Thank you

    Comment by Anonymous | January 13, 2015 | Reply

  6. Surrender, acceptance and blessings – what a wonderful way to start the day. In a previous post you had mentioned the value of keeping a journal, and I have been trying to do that with the New Year. As I begin each day, I will remember in my prayer journal to surrender to God, accept his gift of today and all it offers, and bless all those in my life. Bless you Fr. McKenna. GT

    Comment by Anonymous | January 17, 2015 | Reply

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