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I’m Waiting For The Lord

AdventSixteen years ago, an elderly nun died in Chicago on Sunday November 22, 1998.  With her precious bags filled with good works of a long life, she sped on her way to her heavenly reward.  RIP.  For some weeks before her death the nuns in her convent noticed Sister carrying an unlit candle wherever she went.  “Sister”, they said, “Why the candle?”  “I’m waiting for the Lord”, came back Sister’s simple reply.  A few hours before her death, the nuns looked into her room and found Sister sitting in her chair, still holding the candle.

The long awaited Christ came as a messenger of death for Sister.  At this Advent time, we want to imitate her spirit of anticipation, looking for the Lord, as messenger of life.  These days before Christmas, I’m going to light a candle and hold it in my hand for a while each day.  “I’m waiting for the Lord.”  Some may say, “This is all make-believe.  The Lord is already standing among us.  He is here now.”  A good observation, but at this time, we await His Coming into our hearts in a fuller measure than ever before.

St. Paul, (Romans 13: 14), tells us, “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ!”  Do we really believe that we have taken on the ideals of Christ as much as we can?  Has the Life of Jesus had full impact on our hearts?  Let us take some of His Words, “Learn of Me for I am meek and humble of heart.”  If frequent anger, harsh criticism of others, and anxieties fill our days, we are far from the humility of Christ.  Take another few Words, “Love one another as I have loved you!”  Very few followers of Christ love others in the spirit of His Love.

That’s why we await the Coming of the Lord.  We see the weaknesses in our lives, how far we are from His Ideals.  “Come, Lord Jesus”, we cry out in our utter weariness.  We want the Child of Bethlehem to come and possess our hearts as never before.  In years past, as I drove through my neighborhood in Evergreen Park, called the Village of Churches, I admired the outpouring of decorations on the homes, literally making them houses of lights in the heavy darkness.  My neighborhood people were searching desperately for the peace that only Jesus can bring.  By means of these colored lights on their homes, there were telling the Lord, “Yes, we believe in Your Coming!  Our homes and hearts are open to You and Your love.”

So, this Advent season – get our candles!  “I’m waiting for the Lord.”

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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John The Baptist Led People To Christ

Fr John Hinsvark, as a Catholic Chaplain and Captain in the United States Army, during a field exercise in  Bethel, Alaska, in 1982. Photo courtesy of Fr. John Hinsvark via The Alaskan Shepard

Fr John Hinsvark, as a Catholic Chaplain and Captain in the United States Army, during a field exercise in
Bethel, Alaska, in 1982.
Photo courtesy of Fr. John Hinsvark via The Alaskan Shepard

One modern John the Baptist stands out in my life.  His name coincidently, was John too – Father John Hinsvark.  Back in 1976 I lived with this priest in Bethel, Alaska, a community of 3,500 people, of whom 70% were Eskimos.  About 500 miles west of Anchorage, with no roads in between, Bethel and its jet airport stood as the largest community in far western Alaska.  Among the 38 priests in the Fairbanks Diocese, John and I were the only two diocesan priests; the others were Jesuits, including the Bishop.

Pleasant, lighthearted, generous in his words of encouragement, Father John overlooked my weaknesses and shared his wide knowledge of Eskimo life and culture with me.  Twenty years my junior and already 20 years in Alaska when I arrived on the scene, this physically strong man accepted me warmly and made me feel wanted and important.

What I found most appealing in my days with him was the predictability of his behavior.  Day in and day out, my new found friend had few highs and lows, no swings of mood.  No matter what happened, he remained kind, considerate, even tempered and patient.  His closeness to Christ, his belief in prayer, helped him live this way.  After a time, I began saying to myself, “If Christ is helping him to be this kind of person, I want to know this Christ better, more intimately.

Even now, 38 years later, Father John’s way of life still influences my actions.  In Bethel, the Eskimos cherished his presence.   At this time in 2014, Father John is retired living in Anchorage, but still helping out his brother priests in the three Alaskan Dioceses.  I assure myself, if I stay in close union with Christ each day, I, too, can be cheerful, in good spirits, and supportive of others with me on the Glory Road.  Thank You Lord, for bringing this great hearted person into my life, a John the Baptist for me!

In God’s Providence, all of us have a calling to be modern day John the Baptists.  What can prevent us from being loving people in our homes, our places of work and in our community?  Be nice people with those about us!  Without knowing it, we can have people saying: “Why is this person so kind, pleasant and helpful?  Is it Christ who helps him/her to act this way?  If that’s the case, I want to bring Christ into my life through prayer.”

Start out in the morning with a plan of action in our minds.  When unexpected things happen, we will be ready to respond in a patient, even tempered say as Christ would do.  Lead others to the Lord!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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