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Lord, Share The Riches Of Your Heart

Saint Margaret Mary  Contemplating the Sacred Heart of Jesus Picture via Wikipedia

Saint Margaret Mary
Contemplating the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Picture via Wikipedia

One day, a monk, while walking through a village, found himself accosted by a man out of breath. “Give me your riches”, the man demanded.  “Last night a voice told me to get riches from a monk passing through my village.”  The monk thought for a moment and then, with a smile, answered, “Do you mean this?”  He showed the man a huge jewel, the size of his hand.  “I found this in the woods.  You can have it if you wish.”

The man eagerly grabbed the jewel and ran off with it. However, the next day, he searched out the monk and handed him back the stone.  “Here, take this jewel back.  Give me instead the riches of your heart which enables you to give this gem away without even a second thought.”

Jesus reminds us that joy doesn’t mean having a “high.” Many misled people try to find this “joy” in the “highs” of drugs and intoxicants.  We cannot chase after happiness for its own sake.  Happiness is not found in other people or in external things, but rather, within ourselves.




Here are four ways to bring joy to ourselves:

  • Try saying, “How lucky I am.” “How grateful I am.” It is impossible to be grateful and at the same time, unhappy.
  • Say, “I can do the loveliest things in the world. I have all the loveliest things in the world. I can discover love, taste, hearing and sight.”
  • Think of yesterday and its events. At each good happening, say “thanks.” For the difficult things that took place, say, “They were placed there for my growth.”
  • Think of the things of today! Say, “It is well, it is well. All the earth is in the Hands of God.” Concerning the happenings of tomorrow or the future, say, “All shall be well, all shall be well.”


Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Thank you Fr George for your wise words.

    Comment by patty | September 27, 2014 | Reply

  2. I recently started sharing your blog with my teenage daughters and look forward to your weekly lessons which have been timely and inspiring. Thank you so much, Fr. George.

    Comment by Patty Lucina Scanlon | September 27, 2014 | Reply

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