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Aiming For A Goal In Life

Charente Christian Cross Picture by Michaelsaludo via Wikipedia We should always keep our eyes and aim on Jesus of Nazareth

Charente Christian Cross
Picture by Michaelsaludo via Wikipedia
We should always keep our eyes and aim on Jesus of Nazareth

Some years ago, while working with the Eskimos in Western Alaska, I lived in the town of Bethel. The word, “Bethel”, is found in the Scripture of the Old Testament, being a village in ancient Palestine.  “Bethel”, a Hebrew word, means “The House of God.”

I thrilled at that time that I lived in “The House of God.” To be worthy to live in this town meant a greater urgency to be holy and pleasing to God.  But, truly, each one of us is a Bethel, a House of God, because God lives in us, in all His Beauty, Graciousness, Love and Mercy.  His Presence fills every part of our human being.

We need a goal in life; something to aim for and strive for, otherwise life loses its meaning. Life is a game, much like the sports we play.  Through my 75 years of playing golf, I was constantly aiming for the flagstick on the fairway green.  The stick gave me something to shoot for.

Because God lives within us, we can make our goal personal holiness of life. We want to make ourselves worthy of His Presence.  To accomplish this, we need not be praying all day long, or be thinking of God all the time.

St. Paul wrote, “God chose us to be holy and blameless in His sight, to be full of love.” As every game has rules to be kept, so too, life has its own – the Ten Commandments.

If someone asks us, “What is your goal in life?” we hopefully will answer, “Personal holiness in life.”

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Hi Fr. George! I miss you and I’m thinking of you every day! Thanks for another beautiful post! We humans are so quick to engage in negative self-talk (I’m too fat, I’m not successful enough, I’m not a good friend)… but if we really thought about ourselves as you discussed above, that God lives within us, we would NEVER think that or say those things about God! These temporary bodies of ours that we use for 100 years or less, will fall away…. there are so many things that we mere humans do not understand, but once in awhile, I seem to get a glimpse of the perfection of God… and your writings definitely help focus me!

    Yesterday (9/25) was the 9 year anniversary of losing our baby, Matthew. Bittersweet day, I went to AM mass and met a lady after church, named Virginia and she and I spoke and I told her why I was there (as that is not usual for me to go to weekday mass) and she said, oh, you have an angel in heaven interceding for you. It made me feel so good to hear that! I cannot understand God’s plan in al of this, but I am grateful that my angel is looking out for Tim and me.

    Praying for you daily, dear friend! Love you!

    Comment by nancywest22 | September 26, 2014 | Reply

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