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It’s The Only Heart I Have

Sacred Heart of Jesus, 1767 by Pompeo Batoni ,  Via Wikipedia

Sacred Heart of Jesus, 1767 by Pompeo Batoni , Via Wikipedia

Years ago, a skilled plastic surgeon removed a potentially dangerous growth from my upper lip.  The scar has long since healed and the skin is smooth and normal.  In his ordinary day’s work, this talented doctor works small miracles on the faces of people disfigured with disease, accidents or birth marks.  With unbelievable adroitness, he brings back smoothness and comeliness to shattered features.  I would like to be there to hear the shouts of exhilaration when his patients see ugliness now replaced with a new, fresh beauty. 

If God gives such a remarkable skill to an ordinary human being, imagine the talent He gives to His Son in His works as the Divine Physician.  As Jesus visits us each Sunday at the Sacrifice of the Mass, He works in our hearts rather than our visible, facial appearances.  Why not offer Him, the Glorious Physician and Surgeon, your heart and beg Him to fashion you a heart like his own, humble and loving.

Some years ago, a friend game me a piece of red, Italian marble, shaped in the form and size of a human heart.  Lately, I have been holding out this stony heart to the Risen Lord, “Use surgery on my poor heart and make it into a masterpiece of creation, a truly loving heart.”  I beg Him.  My fingers points out this area in my heart where hidden hatreds still lurk.  Here, in this side of my heart, infectious fears and anxieties bring sickness.  Other potentially dangerous growths are taking root.  “Lord, Great Physician and Surgeon, cut these out and bring beauty to my disfigured heart.”

Make a heart from red paper and hold it out to the Lord, the Risen Jesus.  Point out the areas in your heart that need His skilled surgery.  Jesus, Glorious Physician, make my heart beautiful.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. and may my works and deeds reflect that changed heart…

    Comment by evanlaar1922 | August 30, 2014 | Reply

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