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A Saving Grace

My grand-nephew Matthew, when he was a freshman at Loyola Chicago, shaved his head, raising over $750 as part of the fundraising for St. Baldrick’s – an organization dedicated to eliminating childhood cancer.

My grand-nephew Matthew, when he was a freshman at Loyola Chicago, shaved his head, raising over $750 as part of the fundraising for St. Baldrick’s – an organization dedicated to eliminating childhood cancer.

Manuel Garcia was leaving the hospital after many chemotherapy treatments, with a resultant loss of his thick head of hair.  Only 35 years old, he feared being different from the rest of his family and friends.

He dozed off for an hour and then suddenly waking up, he saw a sight at the foot of his bed he couldn’t believe.  His wife and four friends stood there with all their hair shaved off.  The result was much laughter and joking on the way home.

At the house, 50 people awaited him, adults and children.  They too had their hair shaved off their heads.  “Welcome home, Manuel.”  What a joyous party followed with the sound of laughter and singing filling the house for hours. 

The best medicine for a sick person, a gloomy family member, or a troubled relationship is lightheartedness, a spirit of joy, a willingness to make fun of ourselves to make others laugh.

Laughter pours healing chemicals into the bloodstream of a human being, whether physically sick or not.  It heals wounds in family life.  Only lighthearted conversation at the dinner table, with the sharing of jokes and funny stories:  make this a strict rule!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. A beautiful message! Thank you! It goes with the scripture “A cheerful heart does good like a medicine”. Proverbs 17, v.22.

    Dorothy Burkard A close friend of Deacon Ed De Lorenzo and Pat Weidinger.

    Comment by nickndorburk@aol.com | July 19, 2014 | Reply

  2. Your message is so true – I was in the cancer treatment waiting room – a group of us gals with various types of cancer and treatments sat together – shared stories and started laughing over what chemo does to our heads/appetite and appearance and suddenly across the room a man stood up and said solemnly “as long as your are upright” – Well that brought our little band of gals to peals of laughter as we did not realize that our voices carried so far. Instead of moaning our fate, we shared funny stories of trying to cope.

    Comment by Mary Leveck | July 19, 2014 | Reply

  3. Hi Fr. George! It is so good to hear from you again, via your blog! That picture of your nephew is so cute, what a nice thing he did for that fundraiser…I give him credit, I don’t know if I could ever do that! I once read a book about a woman going thru chemo treatments in Texas, and it was called Bald in the Land of Big Hair… very funny and poignant! I had a mix of news today re: cancer… My friend Liz, who I have given your book to and she ‘treats’ herself to one of your stories every day, she had great news that her tumors have not grown at all so this means that she can wait on starting chemo – she is SO thankful to God! I gave her a little vial of Lourdes water and she has learned the Rosary. We are SO happy with this great news. On a sad note, this woman who organizes cards for ill people via the internet (www.shareacard.org) was herself just diagnoses with pancreatic cancer and is asking for prayers. Cancer is so pervasive and random, we can only hope and trust in the plan that God has for each of us.

    Our dog, Annie, had to have major knee surgery (her second one) and will be on very restricted activity for 8-10 weeks. I get to pick her up later today. Otherwise we are fine, Tim went fishing and caught NOTHING! That is a rarity, thank goodness! He did catch one big salmon but it was ‘wild’ versus hatchery so would have been illegal to keep it. The others were too small to keep.

    Hope you are enjoying the mild summer weather there – know that I think of you daily and pray often for you! Love you and miss you!


    Comment by nancywest22 | July 22, 2014 | Reply

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