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A Graduation Speech

My Graduation Class - St. Theodore 1933

My Graduation Class – St. Theodore 1933

The following words may apply to any graduation level of Catholic education, 8th Grade, High School, or University.

My Dear Graduates, Congratulations.  You are now entering a new phase of your lives in which you will have more freedom to make personal decisions.  A poor 5 second decision can destroy your destiny.  Our prisons are overcrowded with several millions men and women, all there because of harmful 5 second decisions.  With wrong choices you can become addicted to degrading aspects of life: drugs, alcohol, smoking, pornography and wrong foods.  Yes, a challenging time lies ahead for you.

Today, I will emphasize two points with youFirst, you are what you eat.  Secondly, you are what you think.  The food you eat can be the most powerful medicine for your body in terms of good health.  Sugar (sweetness) ranks as the #1 enemy of weight control and blood health (diabetes).  70% of Americans are seen as overweight, a poor condition for good health.

Beware of the foods with excessive sweetness.  One example refers to soda pop.  A liter of pop contains 15 cubes of sugar.  An ordinary helping of ice cream has a cup full of sugar cubes.  An addiction to fast food shops can bring you to bad health.  Take books from your library.  Read about food.  It will be a wise investment of your time.

Secondly, what kind of food are you bringing into your minds?  Many changes lie ahead.  You are what you think.  Your body desires pleasure.  Our modern culture, movies, TV programs, magazines, pornography can supply you with degrading menus on a daily basis. Fill your minds with uplifting, wholesome thoughts.  If you use all your free time to sit before a TV set, you are making poor choices.

Read about modern day heroes.  The New Testament portrays the glorious life of Jesus of Nazareth.  Give time to it.  The life of a Catholic Saint can uplift your life in an amazing way.  Have a library card.  Pick friends with the same high ideals you have.  When the world tries to take over your mind, make a quick prayer to Jesus and Mary.  They will put up barriers to any onslaught by the enemy, Satan.

Be not afraid.  Face life with optimism and certainty of God’s help.  Feed your body and mind with the right materials.  Happy and healthy days galore will be yours.  A question always in my mind:  Is there a better way to live?

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

OrdinationDear Friends,
My heartfelt thanks for your special cards of good wishes and your remarks on my Blog on the occasion of my 70th Anniversary. All your words of encouragement raised my spirits a hundred fold!

I am in the process of offering 10 Masses for your intentions. As one looks over life, the human tendency is to concentrate on the mistakes, failures and poor judgments made. I was guilty of this way of thinking until I received your good wishes.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! God Bless You, with Lots of Love, Fr. George.

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