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Jesus, A Sharer In Our Earthly Fortunes

Fallen Christ sculpture by Nicolo Fumo, 1698 Photo by Luis García via Wikipedia This weekend is Passion Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week.  Remembering that Christ shared ALL he had with us and for us.  He gave us His Life!

Fallen Christ sculpture by Nicolo Fumo, 1698
Photo by Luis García via Wikipedia
This weekend is Passion Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. Remembering that Christ shared ALL he had with us and for us. He gave us His Life!

One rainy, bone-chilling morning many years ago in January, I boarded a bus in Jerusalem for Bethlehem, some five miles away. Besides my wish to offer Mass at the Grotto of the Nativity, I wanted to view a movie, “This Life of Christ”, in the Bethlehem Theater.

As the movie began, only two of us were in attendance. The other person sat in the front row with his back-pack at his side. One with a back-pack doesn’t frequent a Hilton four star hotel. He sleeps often under the stars or wherever he can lay his head. This sounds like the life Christ led. Maybe he was Christ, there to teach me a lesson.

At the intermission, the theater people served us hot tea. To my surprise, the young man came from the front and shared his little box of treasured cookies, bought with his meager funds. I will never forget this gracious act of sharing.

The whole point of the movie we were viewing highlighted the sharing spirit of Christ. This wish to share in our human life began right here in this little town of Bethlehem with his birth as a child of Mary. He desperately wanted to be like us in every way, with all our human limitations, hunger, thirst and a desire to be loved.

In His Baptism by John the Baptist, Jesus further humbled Himself since baptism was reserved for sinners. In view of a great crowd of people, Christ received John’s pouring of water. In our daily life, we can imitate Our Humble Christ by being blessed with a desire to share with others our little treasures of food, money, ideas, encouragement and good will.

When I had returned from the Holy Land, I was waiting in line at the Food Court in Midway Airport to order gyros and fries. The woman in front of me had a bill for $5.17 with only $5.00 in her hand. With all her baggage, she looked dismayed about finding the extra change. “Big generous” me then handed her a quarter to cover the 17 cents for her. Her eyes spoke volumes of gratitude, almost as if I had given her $170.00. “It’s is only 17 cents”, I said to her. She replied, “Yes, but it meant very much to me.” She won’t forget me or this small act of kindness.

Be a sharer each day!                                                                                            Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. There is no finer gift…than sharing! A simple act of kindness never ceases to add more kindness to a world so much in need of love & thoughtfulness! Thanks always for reminding us and teaching us Fr. George!
    A Glorious and Blessed Easter to you! Love Always, Marianne

    Comment by mcs | April 13, 2014 | Reply

  2. Thanks Father George . . . You are the kindest, most generous, loving person i  know.  Thanks for all the reinforcements you lovingly give us.

    mary lou wingert

    P.S. Gyros and fries . . . you’re my kind of hero!

    Comment by fathermkenna | April 19, 2014 | Reply

  3. As you can see, Fr. George, I am ‘catching up’ on your posts! This is a wonderful story! As usual, I can see the images of your activities so vividly because your writing is SO magical! Oh how I wish that I could have gone on a trip to the Holy Land with you – that would have been spectacular! I do want to go one day. And your story about sharing – priceless. Yes, it is the small things in life that often stick with us the most. Just being kind and generous to people – that is what they remember – even if the generosity doesn’t amount to more than a quarter! I’m sure that lady will never forget you! Just like SO may people that know you or have crossed your path -none of them will ever forget you! I am SO fortunate to have met you! And through me, many others have ‘met’ you either via the blog or through your wonderful book. Everyone that I have given it to have raved about the wonderful stories! Your legacy will live on thru the many people whose lives you have touched! May God Bless You always! Love and miss you! Nancy

    Comment by nancywest22 | May 2, 2014 | Reply

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