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Sanctuary For Sale

St. Andrew’s Cathedral Glasgow, Scotland  Picture via Wiki Commons

St. Andrew’s Cathedral
Glasgow, Scotland Picture via Wiki Commons

One afternoon in time gone by, while riding a bus through the bustling streets of Glasgow, Scotland, I noticed an unusual sight.  Across the street from me stood a small church with a peaked roof and its long stained glass windows filling the front wall of the structure.  Outside the church hung a “For Sale” sign!

My first emotion was one of sadness.  Inside the building all was dark and still.  In former days light had shone through these windows as faithful believers in God had gathered to worship in word and song.  Candles had lit up the altar and the scent of flowers and incense had filled the church.  Soon this holy place would be sold for a price and used as a shop for selling merchandise.

On the day before, 50 miles to the south, in the town of Ayr, I spotted a former church operating as a furniture store.  Where once people sang God’s praises, now customers discussed prices of beds and tables.  This is not a commentary on religion in Scotland.  In Chicago one will find many churches for sale!

The thought came to me at this time that a person who gives up the practice of prayer is like a church up for sale.  Formerly, in his inner sanctuary, this person had reached out for God with words of praise, thanks and petition.  As it were, a light shone out from his spirit!

Tragically something happened to make this person give up these acts of worship.  A darkness came into his spirit along with a deadly stillness.  A “For Sale” sign appeared and a former sanctuary of the Lord was put on the market to be sold for a mere pittance.

Our practice of daily communing with God will prevent this tragedy from happening in our lives.  Within us our spirits glow and throb with light and love as we humbly speak to the Lord through the hours of the day.  God grant that no believer will ever hang a “For Sale” sign outside the holy sanctuary of his spirit.

Ash Wednesday welcomes the beginning of Lent this week; it is a great time to focus on our prayer life and our own inner sanctuary!  Be conscious of this sacred place within us!  Keep only pure, holy, wholesome thoughts in our minds as befitting a church dedicated to God.  Seeing those two churches in Scotland years ago stirred up many wonderful ideas in me about the necessity of daily prayer and keeping myself unspotted from the evil of this world!

                        Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Thanks Father George . . . Remember seeing a church for sale about 10 years ago in Geneva, Illinois that was eventually turned into a restaurant . . .  how terribly sad . . never forgot it . . .


    “The Lord will not forget the work we did and the love we showed.”   Hebrews 6:10

    Comment by fathermkenna | March 1, 2014 | Reply

  2. Hi Fr. George! So nice to hear your story about the church. You have such an amazing way of taking any ordinary topic and applying it to our prayer life. Miss you and think of you so often! Praying for you daily, Fr. George. Have to report that two people that I have given your book to are both SO in love with your writings! You are such a great writer. Thank you again for coming into my life – it has changed forever! Tim says HI too.


    Comment by nancywest22 | March 2, 2014 | Reply

  3. Hi Fr. George,
    Started following your “God is Good” blog in January. Was inspired by your story of the church for sale and the message. Keep on doing what you have done so well for so many years. Thank you,Father. -Ed Hoff, Quigley South Class of ’69

    Comment by Ed Hoff | March 3, 2014 | Reply

  4. Father,Mckenna, Once again great article and comparison, the sanctuary of our souls so nurtured thru the power of prayer, and the presence of evil so easily available to enter without it. I know the season of lent is one of your favorites, may it be filled with God’s blessings and peace, thank you for your insight & inspiration with your word. Deb Hurley

    Comment by Anonymous | March 3, 2014 | Reply

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