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You Shall Never Hunger Or Thirst Again

Brother Roger – Founder of Taize 1915 - 2005

Brother Roger – Founder of Taize
1915 – 2005

The shelves of the local supermarkets hold all sorts of food and drink to satisfy the physical hungers and thirsts of their customers. However, these giant food stores cannot satisfy the spiritual hungers and thirsts of their patrons. One day Jesus spoke these awesome words: “No one who comes to Me shall ever be hungry. No one who believes in Me shall ever thirst.”

With these words, Jesus promised amazing things in helping us understand the mysteries of life. Oftentimes in years past, in quiet corners of splendid Gothic Churches in Paris, I have come upon young people sitting on the floor praying in quiet, subdued song before an image of Christ or Mary. Usually a few guitarists led them in barely audible harmony of chants of praise.

These young people had learned this practice of quiet prayer at Taize, the famous ecumenical monastery about 150 miles south of Paris. The monastery at Taize, was founded in 1940 by Brother Roger, a holy man, and continues to attract young people from all over the world.

The youngsters come to Taize to find meaning in life, to seek a deeper friendship with Christ, to heal the wounds of their minds and hearts. As St. Matthew said some 80 times in his Gospel, “Jesus is Lord”, so the youthful pilgrims make this the theme of their stay at Taize. Visiting there changed my life.

All believers in Jesus can imitate the youngsters of Paris and Taize. Like the young people in the Churches of Paris, one can draw aside to a quiet place in the home, away from the noise of family life. One could sit on cushions or pillows, something I do, before an image of Christ or Mary.

The believer can speak from the heart in words of friendship with the Christ, reminding Him of His Promises mentioned above. “I want a deeper friendship with you. Help me to see the meaning of life. My weaknesses dismay me. My grief is like a heavy stone in my heart.”

Jesus never made empty promises. Quietly keep whispering to Him, “Jesus is Lord.” My experience at Taize has left an indelible mark on my spirit. It opened a new door in my heart to what could happen in my life.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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The Three Most Powerful Words In Our Language

Raft of the MedusaOn a Friday in 1986 as I walked through the Louvre Museum in Paris, I came across a remarkable painting in one of the galleries.  This dramatic piece of art depicted a stormy ocean scene.  In the forefront of this mighty work, a raft with a small sail floated on the seething waters with its occupants, men and women, in all stages of exhaustion and despair.

In the far distance on the horizon a large sailing vessel made its way through the troubled seas, oblivious to the frantic waving of the shipwrecked people on the raft.  The people were doomed, with no chance of being saved because of the high seas.

At the time I thought how well the painting portrayed life as it is.  People all about us are crying out for help in desperate tones, while we like the sailing ship pass them by.  In many ways we are deaf, dumb and blind to the screams of people in pain, maybe even members of our own family.  We can develop a sense of awareness.

I have a suggestion that the reader might wish to follow through on, a course of action I have tried often and found truly rewarding.  During the next week, now and then each day as one meets people strangers or friends, whisper in your heart, “I love you.”  “I love you” translated means, “I wish you good health, peace of heart, rejoicing in your family life, success in your work, and fulfillment of your dreams.”

The persons I direct these words to might be of any age, a man in wheelchair, a child, a family group, a weary looking woman, or someone up in age, or members of my own family.

When I did this, something good happens for the sake of all concerned.  My good wishes expressed in the words “I love you”, fill the air with a mystical quality of love and good will.  As seldom before, my own heart swells with peace and joy because I have taken the focus off my own needs and have centered my thinking on the well-being of others.  If people are in distress, I have a better chance of recognizing their cry for help.

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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