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We Choose Happines/Unhappiness

A Celtic Cross

A Celtic Cross

We can choose to be happy or to be discontented with life.  Too often the blame for our unhappiness goes to people and circumstances not responsible.  We can go through our days evading the issue that we ourselves are creating and causing our own unhappiness.  I can live in a swamp, with rags for clothes, with little money, be sickly and still be truly happy.  Happiness comes from within.

Why is my disposition generally troubled?  Why do I find myself attacking others?  Place the blame on myself.  I can make a deliberate choice to bring happiness and peace into my life.  Start off this way:

“I will happiness for myself.  I want it to be my possession.  I will place God and His Praise at the center of my life.  This I do with deliberate, free choice.”

Love God with an outpouring of praise and thanks in conversation with Him and in public prayer. 

Choose Happiness.

                        Fr. George Mc Kenna

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Be Open To Messages From God

Sébastien Bourdon’s Burning Bush Picture via Wiki Commons

Sébastien Bourdon’s Burning Bush
Picture via Wiki Commons

In the early 1930’s a monthly science fiction magazine, “Amazing Stories”, expanded my mind about life’s possibilities.  My young boy’s mind gloried in the fantastic things recounted in its pages: its mention of space travel and new forms of communication.  All these amazing stories are now realities in the year 2014, some even obsolete.

Tragically, we limit the possibilities of what God can do with His world and with us as individuals.  Our minds dwell on how God spoke to His people in the Scriptures, through a burning bush, an angel, or a dazzling light.

Not seeing these happenings in our life, we falsely conclude that God has withdrawn into His heavenly castle and pulled up the draw bridges.  Actually, God bombards us with His messages, urging us to a better way of life.  Are we quiet enough to hear his urging?  Approach each day in this way: “Today, God wishes to speak to me, to unravel some mystery of life for me.”

In some marvelous, but simple ways, He will pass on an inspiration or idea for a more satisfying way of life.  This could happen through a piece of music, a conversation, a TV program a book or the words spoken by a preacher.

In 2005 I dropped all my cable and all other TV channels except Channel 7.  In an old TV set in my kitchen, this was the only channel that came through the antenna.  I watched newscasts only at suppertime.  Call it an inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Why not do something creative during this extra time away from the nightly TV shows?  I found so few programs worth viewing.

So, I had more time for reading and listening to music, and a number of other fulfilling thingsMany fresh and creative thoughts came into my mind in the quiet of the evening.  This, I suppose might not be practical for family life.  I lived alone.  But my experience is just one example of a message that can come from God. 

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can keep our minds open to communication from God.  Even 5 minutes of quiet time, might give a busy mother or father the time to hear God’s messages.

                        Fr. George Mc Kenna

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