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Go And Make A Difference

My niece, surrounded by her loving nieces and nephews.

My niece, surrounded by her loving nieces and nephews.

The Little Child of Bethlehem came with one message for us: Be a loving person in the world.  Love, a caring for others, has miraculous powers for good.  Be an angel in human clothing, the Holy Child says.

My niece has been teaching slow learners, challenged by poor health or mental disabilities, for 26 years.  In the present time, 2014, she has the same enthusiasm and love for her children that she had in her first day of teaching.  This school year she has seven children with ages of 7 and 8 in her class: 6 boys and one girl.

With a warm smile and an embrace she makes her connections, making the little ones feel they are loved.  The other day the little girl came up to my niece and said, “I love you Miss McKenna!”

A little boy, absent for 2 days, said to her, “Did you miss me?” “Oh, yes”, my niece replied, “You are always missed.”  His parents are both deaf and he is an expert in sign language.  Life has given these little ones many trials, but my niece is helping them stay cheerful and caring for each other.  She is trying her best to be an angel in human clothing, a mission we all should be carrying out.

Every other week she takes the children in the school van, a public school by the way, to acquaint them with the outer world: libraries, fire houses, the mall, the zoo, farms, a local bakery.  In every place people received them with open arms, amazed with their good conduct and grateful hearts.  Please excuse me for giving so much time to a family member, but her story has influenced my life greatly.

In the famous movie, The Sound of Music, set in Austria in the early 1940’s, Julie Andrews portrays, Maria, a young woman desiring to be a nun.  Maria goes to the Von Trapp family as a nanny for the 7 motherless children of Captain Von Trapp.  Their ages ranged from 4 to 16.  The captain, a retired and distinguished Austrian Naval Officer, had forgotten how to show love to his children since his wife had died.  After a rough beginning, Maria, with her spirit of love for life and music changes the dull lives of the 3 boys and 4 girls into one of brightness and song.  The Captain changes too.

My niece is trying to do the same with her 7 children by giving them love and hope for the future.  She is showing how love can touch the lives of people about us.  Be an angel in human clothing by encouraging others to goodness by our kind and gentle ways in sharing life with others.  Be assured each of us can make a difference for good things to happen in this world. 

After 94 years of living, the people I remember the most were loving people; they called me by name, corrected me with kindness and encouraged me to aim for greatness.  Be remembered, dear friends, for your loving ways.  Go Make A Difference.

                        Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Excellent!! May your New Year be filled with God good blessings.


    Comment by Kathleen Fitzgerald | January 4, 2014 | Reply

  2. You have been encouraging me for so many years; I can’t thank you enough. May God Bless you throughout this new year.

    Comment by barttimm | January 4, 2014 | Reply

  3. The gift of teaching with such love…makes every day special for her students…and touches the world with joy & hope! Thank you always Fr. George for writing with such faith & inspiration…Our Lord is pleased with all you do for Him for us! Blessings in 2014 & Always! Marianne

    Comment by mcs | January 6, 2014 | Reply

  4. Hi Fr. George! Got a chance to read this story today as well – that is perfectly fine to devout this post to your niece! She sounds amazing and a real ‘angel’ with the work that she does. She is undoubtedly influenced by your loving kindness and gentle words. Every time that I hang up with you on the phone, that is the one thought that I always come away with – how you always have such loving comments to say. I aspire to be more like you – but often I fail and have snide comments coming out of my mouth! I pray to Jesus to be more loving! I thank God for our friendship and for this wonderful way to continue to gain instruction and influence from you via your blog. Happy New Year (belated) – you are a real gem in my life! Love you and praying for you daily! Love, Nancy

    Comment by nancywest22 | January 13, 2014 | Reply

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