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Peace, The Gift Of God

PeanutMany years ago I was walking along and came upon a squirrel sitting under a tree.  In his little paws he held a roasted peanut and as I looked on, bit into the outer shell.  He spit out the pieces and nibbled on the peanut inside.  Unafraid of me, he sat there, a picture of contentment like a king at his table.

He didn’t know were his next peanut would come from.  That night he would sleep under the stars with no protection from the rain and the storms.  God built a system of harmony into the makeup of this tiny creature so that worries, tensions, anxieties have no place in the life of a squirrel.

As we sit down to our well stocked tables with our pantries filled with supplies for many days ahead will we experience the spirit of contentment and satisfaction?  Our homes will protect us from the elements and give us security in the dark hours of the night.

Did God plan peace for this little animal and little or no peace for us, His highest form of creation?  Jesus promised his followers harmony and contentment in living.  “My peace I give you.”  Surely the Lord would not dangle this way of life before us as one holds a carrot before a rabbit.

He tells us the secret of bringing tranquility into our lives; “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.”  “The Kingdom of God is within.”  Within our physical bodies lies the Kingdom of God, made up of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, with their Beauty, Glory, Love and Power in every nook and cranny.

We have access to these splendid qualities of God.  As we come across the hardships of life, we need not lose our peace of heart and give way to despair, bitterness and darkness of spirit.  In faith we can turn to the Three Persons within and bring forth Their Goodness into the circumstances of our lives.

Let go of the overwhelming desire to have everything we do in life turn out in ideal fashion.  We can do our best at parenting, studying, working – but after that we need to leave the rest to the Kingdom of God within.

                        Fr. George Mc Kenna

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Love God And Our Neighbor

Norman Lear’s Freedom From Want – Via Wikipedia

Norman Lear’s Freedom From Want – Via Wikipedia

Jesus said, “The Greatest Commandment is to love God with all our strength and our neighbor as ourselves.”  In October 2006, I spent two weeks in the Old City of Jerusalem at the Center for Biblical Study, at the 2nd Station of the Cross.  While there, I met and talked everyday with people from 15 different nations, not in class, but just casual conversation.  All spoke good English.

More than ever before I realized how we, members of the Human Family, are all children of God.  These delightful people had the same desires we have for peace of heart and happiness in their family life.  When they cut themselves, red blood comes out.  We are so much alike, our brothers and sisters.  I carried away many happy memories of them from my days in Jerusalem.

Every day at Midway Airport, people from 30 to 40 nations move through the concourse; everyone so much like each one of us.  They are hungry for food, tired, hoping for respect from all.  The workers at Midway find no problem in caring for these strangers to their community.  All are willing to help them in any way.  God wants us to love others, no matter what their cultural background, color or nationality.  We can pray for those with leanings toward destructive lives.

Our struggles to love our neighbor come in regard to people close to us in everyday life – our next door neighbor, our mean boss, coworkers, or even our immediate family, our brothers or sisters.  We may feel that they have mistreated us in some way.  A little corner of our heart is fenced off from the complete love, respect and care God wants us to have for others.

Up to several years ago, I held grudges against about seven people.  I didn’t hate them, but they, in my way of thinking, hadn’t treated me fairly.  Of course this didn’t add to my happiness.  One day a sudden inspiration came to me.  Every morning as I rose from my sleep, I sat on the edge of my bed and prayed for these seven people by name . . . “O Lord, bless my friends today!  Give them peace of heart, good health and success in their work!  I would gladly die for anyone of them!”

Now, my grudges and resentments have disappeared.  My spiritual and physical health has improved greatly.  Has the doctor ever said to us, “What’s eating you?”  The holding back of love and forgiveness can eat away at our physical organs.

       Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!                 Fr. George Mc Kenna

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