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Who Will Open My Ears

Mother Teresa was born on Aug 26, 1910.  Her name, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, means “rosebud” or “little flower” in Albanian.  She spent her life listening to the voices of the poor. Picture via Wikipedia

Mother Teresa was born on Aug 26, 1910. Her name, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, means “rosebud” or “little flower” in Albanian. She spent her life listening to the voices of the poor.
Picture via Wikipedia

Years ago doctors in a Chicago hospital placed a 5 year old boy in a tent like structure filled with pure oxygen.  His little body could not fight off infections from germs and viruses.  In this unnatural little world, he found himself cut off from the outside world.  One day he died unexpectedly to the great grief of all.

As time went on, this story took on a new significance for me.  At certain times I could see myself in such a self-made structure, in the rarified atmosphere of my own selfishness.  With my mind filled with my own problems, I would cut myself off from all those about me, even from those crying out for help.  This isolation added misery to my life.  I might as well have been deaf and dumb.  Surely, at times, such condition must affect the lives of the readers.

Someone wrote that a Gospel story is a mirror of what is happening in our own lives.  In one Gospel story Jesus heals a deaf mute and gives him back the gifts of hearing and speech.  Today, Jesus of Nazareth is passing by and comes upon us in our deafness and muteness.  Realizing our need for healing, we ask Him, “Lord, please unstop my ears and help me to speak.”

Years back, while I was at the Chapel, Midway Airlines gave seminars to their 3,500 employees on the importance of giving cheerful and effective help to their passengers.  One main theme came across in these meetings: “Listen to the voice of the person!  Perhaps you will detect weariness, hostility, anger or fear.  Respond to that emotion in the voice!  Soothe the anger!  Ease the fear!  Promise personal help to the weary!  Give everyone equal treatment, the poor, the rich, the well placed, the illiterate!”

How well we could use the theme of the above seminars as we strive to listen to the voices about us, crying for help.  First, be willing to listen!  Lord, unplug our ears!  Loosen our tongues!  We need not be experts to give assistance to those in need.  Speak simply from the great wisdom in our hearts, a wisdom residing there from our own experience in living.  Respond compassionately to the emotion in the voice of the person in need!

                        Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. Hi Fr. George! I miss you but when I read your blog, I feel like we are sitting in your living room and talking! It is such a gift to us that we are able to read your writings! Your words open my ears as well – to try to listen to people and to try and understand those that are unhappy or hostile. What is causing them to feel like that? I now will strive even more to try and understand that and PRAY for those individuals. My sister comes to mind – she has refused all contact from me, so now I can only pray for her heart to open up and heal. Tim and I are fine – enjoying our summer days here which have been beautiful! I hope that you are doing well. Saturday was my mom’s birthday – she would have been 93. I was sad but read a portion of Saint Faustina’s diary and happened to a page where she experienced heaven and told of its beauty and that made me feel better – my mother is in a beautiful place and eternally praising God. Thank you for enriching my faith with your books, your blog and your words. I love you, Fr. George!! May God continue to bless you!!

    Comment by Nancy Westvang | August 26, 2013 | Reply

  2. Fr. George you always teach us sooo much! We must listen with our hearts…with heart and hands we can do what we are called to do…each day! God’s Blessings, Love & Grace to you! Marianne

    Comment by mcs | August 27, 2013 | Reply

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