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A Father Who Listens

Painting of Christ praying on The Mount of Olives Darlington United Methodist Church Darlington, Maryland

Painting of Christ praying on The Mount of Olives
Darlington United Methodist Church
Darlington, Maryland

Click on the link below to hear Father McKenna read “A Father Who Listens

One morning, many years ago, I was riding from Bethlehem to the Old City of Jerusalem on a crowded Israeli bus.  At one stop, a Jewish father and his five year old son boarded the bus.  Without stopping, the father moved through the crowd of passengers in the aisle to the back of the bus.  His little son found himself stranded at the front, and in the presence of so many adults, a great fright came over him.  The child let out a loud shriek, “Abba, Abba”, the Hebrew word for father.  The man hurried back to his son and took hold of his hand to comfort him.

Jesus said one time, “When you pray, say “Abba”, “Father.”  The incident on the Bethlehem-Jerusalem bus has always stayed with me.  Oftentimes, when saying the “Our Father” prayer, I can still hear the tone of fear in the voice of the stranded child and see the father rushing to his side.

When we find ourselves overwhelmed by the frightening circumstances of life, like the little Jewish boy, we can speak out, “Abba, Abba”, to our Heavenly Father.  We can have complete confidence in His closeness and His resolve to watch over us.

The first person the child thought of was his father.  May we have the grace to do the same when in danger.     

Happy Father’s Day To ALL!!!!

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  1. HI Fr. George! What a beautiful story! As usual, your stories are written such that you can instantly picture the scene – your writing is so expressive. I hope that you are doing well. I pray for you daily! You are never far from my heart. We are doing fine – I will call you this week. Love to you! Nancy

    Comment by nancywest22 | June 17, 2013 | Reply

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