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Is There A Better Way To Live?

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In the fall of 1977, after 33 years in Priesthood and residences in ten parishes, the idea came to me to write down ways to put new life into a parish.  I honestly thought that 15 – 20 ideas would be my limit.  Several months later, 10 extra-long legal pads of yellow paper held my 2,000 ways to add life to a parish!  “Not possible”, the reader might say.  I used different colored inks, drawings and newspaper clippings!

This experience shows my readers that our ordinary minds have unbelievable limitless powers.  Think of what might happen if we said to ourselves: “How can I bring more happiness into my life?”  Like myself, we could end up with any number of happiness-bringing ideas!

What I need is an open mind, willing to reach into my way of living.  I may have a long-time attitude of dealing with life and see no need of changing.  Unknown to me, this outlook might be bringing distress and unhappiness to my daily life.  For example, my heart might not have love and caring for other people and my coldness of spirit prevents me from making close friends – a poor way to live.

Jesus of Nazareth wants me to lead a joyful and peaceful life.  If I see this as not so, then the question is there a better way to live, can do wonders for me.  I must have confidence in my outlook on life.  A few days ago I had lunch with a Priest, 77 years young, here at Bishop Lyne Residence.     He told me an amazing story.  For the last 60 years he has not watched TV.  This took great will power. 

I have worked under supervisors who were unhappy and unloving people.  Their selfish attitudes of mind, closed to other people’s feelings, brought poor results to the work at hand.  I offered many suggestions to them, but only received an immediate “NO!”

Some Fortune 500 Companies are asking their employees for new ideas on the work of producing their products; a good example of a great company with an open mind.

I can search into my life with this kind of mind!

Fr. George Mc Kenna

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  1. I so much enjoy reading your thoughts. I read from one of your books almost every day.
    Please say an extra prayer for me, Father, that I may learn and see more as you have.

    Comment by barttimm | June 1, 2013 | Reply

  2. Hi Fr. George,
    This is so timely as we are struggling with being ‘happy’ people lately! We have so much to be thankful for but yet, we strive to feel happy. I know that things cannot and do not make us happier – even so, many people think that if they have material things, they will be happy. At my mother’s wake, the constant theme was that everyone thought of her as so loving and so happy. I need to be more like my mother! I pray that you are doing well, Fr. George, I pray for you every day. Tim is home from fishing – 9 meals of halibut now in our freezer! Enjoy the new month of June – may our dear Lord bless you every day, Fr. George. I love you and miss you! Love, Nancy

    Comment by nancywest22 | June 2, 2013 | Reply

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